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5 ways SEO is like a Cactus

What on earth does effective Search Engine Optimisation have to do with a Cactus I hear you cry?

1) Drink in your surroundings


A Cactus is capable of rapidly absorbing water during infrequent rainfall and storing it for long periods of time.


Einstein reckoned that absorbing new information and insights quickly and incorporating that with knowledge you already hold is a key requirement for creativity. Being able to voice these insights in a timely manner is critical keeping your content relevant.

cactus mountains

2) Spines are helpful:


A Cactus benefits from its hundreds of spines, deterring passing herbivores from feasting on its juicy pulp. In addition spines reduce water loss by providing shade and reducing airflow.


Having a spine and strong values you stand for prevents your site being blacklisted by Google for “Black Hat” techniques. Choosing to develop real value for your audience facilitates a long term growth strategy for your site which can then be used to direct conversion.

cactus sunrise

3) Resilience is the key to growth


Capable of surviving weeks without rainfall in arid infertile climes, a cactus is the ultimate symbol of grit and resilience. Despite facing daily challenges in the most hostile of circumstances the Cactus had developed strategies that turn these obstacles into opportunities.


Starting out SEO may seem a slow and thankless task. Perseverance is the key to long term success. By adopting good habits, frequently updating your site with worthwhile content it becomes possible to create invaluable opportunities for sustained organic growth.

cacti in the day

4) Do not overdo it


The number one threat to domestic cacti is over watering. The cactus becomes bloated and squishy and begins to rot.


You see it all the time online. Content written for Search Engines not human beings, text so gorged with keywords it churns your stomach. Google has punished these low quality “spammy” sites since 2011 when it released its Panda update. By using keywords in moderation your audience isn’t turned off and your content can excel on its own terms.

5) Broaden your roots?


In the wild a Cactus has a broad but shallow root system sucking water up from a large area providing effective nourishment and allowing further growth.


The back links that point to your site serve the same purpose. Broadening brand reach is necessary to drive traffic to your site and establish a strong online profile.

A word of WARNING: Your SEO will not become a cactus by itself. If you want to start growing your website contact one of our team today for a free audit.

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