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19th April 2016
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Google Goals App Can Help You Grow

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If you need to know the capital of Burma or the conversion from ounces to grams, you probably turn to Google. But what do you do when you need to learn something a bit more complicated like a language or other skill? Traditionally, this required regularly scheduled practice and plenty of determination, but now there is a new way. Google has just launched an app designed to help you make time for whatever you want to do from Swimming to Spanish.

The app is called Goals. It works with your Google calendar and is available on IOS and Android. To get started, you enter your entire schedule into Google calendar. The more detailed you are, the better Goals will work. Then Goals asks you what you want to learn, how often you need to practice and what times work best for you. The app then customises your calendar, finding the best times for you to practice your chosen skill. It also prompts you so you never miss a chance to practice.

If there is a time conflict or one of your regularly scheduled activities runs long, Goals will automatically reschedule. That sounds pretty cool but Google has taken their new app a step further. Goals also uses machine learning.

For those not in the know, machine learning is sort of like a computer brain. It is designed to recognise patterns and create its own rules to adapt to different situations. It can do all of this without being explicitly programmed. That means the more you use the Goals app, the better it will be at scheduling in the future.

Google has said the new scheduling app will be rolling out globally from Midnight EST Wednesday the 20th. So if you have a skill you are struggling to learn, Why not let Google give you a hand.

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