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Google Warns Non-Mobile Friendly Sites

Site owners may see something new the next time they do a vanity search for their web page. Google is sending a warning to the owners of non-mobile friendly websites. The message is placed under a site owners search result and is designed to encourage more websites to become mobile friendly before Google’s latest mobile algorithm update.

The warning is only visible to the owner of a site so there is no need to worry about it hurting your website performance…yet.

The last mobile update, dubbed “Mobilegeddon” by SEO professionals, sent shockwaves through the web. Many non-mobile friendly sites saw a drop in traffic due to the fact they weren’t mobile compliant. The latest Google mobile update is scheduled for early May and Google is working hard to push more sites to go mobile.

The search giant has said the update will roll out gradually so site owners may not notice any dramatic changes right away. Unfortunately, if you are running a site that does not work well with mobile devices, Google is not too happy about it. They are going to keep pushing for a mobile friendly internet by increasing the pressure on sites to comply.

If your site is not already optimised for mobile, you should be investing in compatibility now. There is no way to tell how the latest algorithm update will affect you but the signs are clear, Google wants mobile compatibility and they are not above punishing you for it.

If you are not sure how your site performs on mobile, you can check using the Google mobile-friendly tool. This will examine your site and make sure it complies with mobile browsing best practice. You can also check out Google’s mobile guidelines to see what it takes to make sure your site runs well on mobile devices.

If you would like help making your site mobile friendly, MRS Web Solutions can help. Our developers and designers are experts at mobile optimisation. To learn more, contact MRS today.

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