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5th November 2014
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Making Google work for your SEO benefit

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Google has received negative media attention time and time again for the data they collect on web users. But it’s this data that’s allowed us to become the top digital marketing agency in Hampshire. We’re not the only ones who can benefit from Google data, you can too. Google data can be used to identify and engage with your potential customers. Local visitors often show a stronger buying signal, which is why we offer targeted campaigns, like SEO Hampshire, to position your website in front of interested local traffic.

Google Analytics for SEO on a mobile device

Google Shared Data

Did you know that Google share a wealth of data on internet users, completely free?

They don’t share everything, but they do share enough to significantly benefit your business. An advanced understanding of digital behaviour, along with the data provided by Google, can be used to successfully optimise your website to target audiences that indicate a strong likelihood of converting.

What Information does Google Share?

Imagine that your website was a shop. Now imagine being able to see every customer that walks into your shop. Not only that, but you could see which isle each visitor walks down and how long they spent looking at each individual product. Google allows you to do this, and more. By understanding this information, you can make accurate assumptions on why a sale was or was not achieved. You can then use this to implement changes that will encourage further conversions and sales.

Google also tells you where visitors come from. This allows you to adopt a tailored SEO approach to focus on targeting traffic sources that provide valued visitors. If more of your converting visitors originate from social media websites, then you should consider developing a social media marketing strategy.

However, if your converting traffic comes through local searches, you may need to optimise your website for local organic searches. Our local SEO campaigns, such as SEO Hampshire, are proven to successfully increase local organic search traffic to websites. You can then use Google data to monitor, manage and improve your website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Google and a Magnifying Glass

So How Can I Get my Hands on this Data?

Well, if you have a website, there are three free Google tools that you need to have. These are Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. If there’s one lesson you take away from this article, it’s that you should get all three of these tools. Since they’re all free, so what’s stopping you? We understand that the data they provide can seem complex and confusing, but we’re here to make it easier for you.

What do These Tools do for my SEO?

These tools do nothing but give you data. But in SEO, data is power. By understanding your audience, you can successfully communicate your marketing message. By understanding their digital habits, you can successfully target your audience. By understanding the functionality of your website, you can better implement changes to maximise the likelihood of visitors converting. All of this is achieved from understanding the data that is available to us.

What do MRS Web Solutions do?

MRS deliver successful digital marketing campaigns for a range of clients with varying marketing objectives. Some require niche PPC campaigns, while others benefit from our local SEO campaigns. We credit the success of each MRS project to a combination of understanding and creativity. Our team of SEO specialists are experienced in deciphering and understanding all data related to digital marketing success.

However, this insight is lost without a touch of creativity and innovation. From something as simple as the language, to the nature of big content, our SEO agents discover new ways to gain a competitive advantage over our clients’ competitors. We invent new methods of effectively communicating your marketing message to the right audience.

MRS Web Solutions has been providing SEO services for years. Through a suite of specialist SEO tools, along with Google data, MRS deliver bespoke campaigns that are proven to get results. Get in touch today to see how your website can benefit from Google data.

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