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23rd January 2015
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Promotional Merchandise Industry Marketing – Are You Ready To Grow?

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A Microphone highlighting different aspects of digital marketingRecently our friends at the BPMA carried out their first BPMA Business Performance Benchmarking Study.  In its analysis of key areas of the promotional merchandise industry the study paid particular attention to the marketing methods used by both suppliers and distributors alike.

The findings were clear. The importance of, and investment in, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is seeing a steady increase throughout the promotional merchandise industry with distributors particularly embracing the digital sphere.

SEO came only second to catalogues in terms of marketing spend by distributors with email marketing coming in third. Combine this with the fact 43% of survey participants stated that they plan to increase their marketing spend in 2014/15 and you have a compelling reason to ensure your marketing budget is being used as effectively as possible.

BPMA Marketing Spend Research Chart

In their analysis the BPMA also highlighted a trend of a disproportionately increased investment in electronic and online forms of marketing in comparison with more traditional methods such as networking events and telemarketing. This demonstrates a growing awareness within the industry of the value and effectiveness of SEO and digital marketing. Despite this the number one investment for distributors of any size is still catalogues.

Where Will You Be Next Year?

The trend of increased spend in SEO isn’t restricted to the promotional merchandise industry alone. Econsultancy’s UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2014 found that 55% of participants will have spent more on SEO in 2014. With ‘finding new customers’ one of the top 3 concerns for small, medium and large distributors alike being discoverable by potential customers online could be the answer to allaying those fears.

Laptop Image For Promotional Merchandise Digital MarketingAs search engine usage continues to increase, and market saturation is a concern for many distributors, having a strong, effective and easy to discover online presence could become the leading factor in making today’s small distributors next year’s large ones.

With many distributors stating that they find the costing of digital marketing packages prohibitive it’s worth asking whether you can afford not to invest. As the promotional merchandise market evolves those that rely on traditional marketing alone run the risk of being left behind.

The key to real online success is a unified digital marketing strategy that combines SEO, email marketing, competitor and audience analysis and content and linking strategies. Combine this with strong product offerings and you have a recipe to online, and therefore offline, growth.

As a leading web design and digital marketing agency in Fleet, Hampshire we specialise in creating bespoke digital marketing campaigns, websites and online systems for companies across multiple niches and sizes. In the promotional merchandise sector our experience is expansive. Our team has designed websites, catalogus systems and ran successful digital marketing campaigns for a range of different clients.

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