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7th October 2014
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How Social Media Changes Lives

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Today, almost everyone is on social media. Consumers, businesses, even country leaders are using social media to stay connected.  Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have most of us engaged, with easy access on a range of devices 24 hours a day. Twitter now has over 15 million Britons active on it and Facebook claim to have more than 30 million. But does social media really benefit our lives?

A Bionic Arm Holding another hand.

The short answer is yes! As Hampshire’s leading digital marketing agency, we can assure you that social media does provide nearly immeasurable benefits for people. We’ve come across a story that’s even more inspiring than an increase in online sales, a tale more moving than achieving a higher conversion rate, yes, even more emotional than ranking first place in Google (all of which we can deliver).

This is the story of an unfortunate girl, Hayley Fraser, from Inverness who was born without fully formed fingers on her left hand. A prosthetic limb was too expensive and surgery wasn’t an option. Luckily, a network of passionate volunteers at E-Nabling have been helping people just like Hayley and had a solution. They printed a 3D bionic arm for Hayley. So she can now do things she could never do before, things that fill millions of children with joy every day, like riding a bike.

Although it may not seem like it, social media has played a massive part in Hayley’s life!

Hayley’s father only found out about E-Nabling because of social media. He met an expert on Google+ and shared with him Hayley’s condition. Hayley’s life was changed forever as her father was then referred to E-Nabling.

Were it not for Google+, and the existence of social media, Hayley would not have her new bionic arm and would still struggle to do the things she loves, like painting her mum’s nails.

Social media is capable of bringing people together, whether that’s old friends, long lost relatives or clients and businesses. If you’re interested in unlocking the possibilities social media can have for your business, then contact our digital marketing team today. Although we can’t promise it will change your life, like it did for Hayley, it will change your business.

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