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Technical Amendments

Over 70% of current websites are not built with search engines in mind, which is why we prioritise getting your site SEO friendly. Our tried and tested technical strategy will periodically get search engines familiar with your website. Without this, your onsite SEO will fall upon deaf ears.

We will look at the consumer flow on your website and identify any blockages or user misdirection that may be harming the user experience of your website’s SEO. This is done by examining your website’s HTML coding and increasing your website’s functionality and speed.

Page Layout

Included in our SEM services, we offer conversion rate optimisation (CRO) which increases the appeal of your website to users. Our understanding of human psychology means your website can be altered to increase the ease of user flow. By doing this we can strategically include call to actions that will maximise click through and win you sales.

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Meta Data Optimisation

It can be difficult to find a balance between helping your readership discover the value prospects you offer, and pushing it on them. This balance can often be the difference between them purchasing from you rather than your competitors. Your meta data and H-tags can be optimised to increase converting visitors and to gain relevant traffic.

Meta data and H-tags are proven to be vital for both onsite SEO and CRO. Your meta data will be optimised to allow your website to be discovered by more potential customers as well as making them readable by search engines to deliver relevant traffic.

H-tags tie in with your page layout redesign, and are a perfect tool in helping your readers easily navigate your page. They also help your readers quickly discover the purpose of your website. H-tags are also considered by search engines when reviewing your website.

Onsite Content Marketing Strategy

Your onsite content marketing strategy is important to drive visitors to your website and then convert them into customers. In order to convert visitors, your onsite content strategy must convey the correct message and target the correct audience. Even if these two elements are achieved, the delivery of your content needs to be right or you may lose potential customers.

The content on your existing website will need to be optimised for both search engine readability and conversion ease. Correctly using language and basic psychology will encourage your visitors to continue on the reader journey and become customers. This can be made easy by the tactical use of internal page directs and call to actions.

There will also be new opportunities for content to be created on your website. Each new content piece will be created in line with your keyword strategy to increase your SEO success. Your website can benefit from a blog as it will allow for the development of new content, which will create a value channel for your market as well as benefiting your SEO campaign.

By understanding what your potential customers want, your website can be tailored more specifically. Landing pages can be created to reflect your target market’s desires and can then be optimised to rank in search engines. This will appeal to your potential customers and increase your sales. Multi-media content and the latest engagement techniques will optimise the performance of your new landing pages.

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Reputation and Authority Regulation

Offsite SEO is very important for your search engine optimisation campaign. It must be planned and executed strategically to gain maximum visibility and results. If done incorrectly, your SEO results and online reputation could both be damaged. It will also allow your website to command a higher online authority.

Online market hotspots need to be identified for a successful offsite strategy. However, if your offsite SEO activities are rushed, they could damage your online reputation and harm your rankings in search engines.


Relationships with key market players should be established to allow relevant association. This puts you in a position to distribute relevant keyword referrals. Content exchange with these websites will also increase your brand exposure and is seen as beneficial by search engines, especially if your content exchange results in an authority reference.

Engagement is essential. It shows search engines that your website is valued by your market audience, and will increase your website’s exposure to them. In order to get the most out of your search engine optimisation campaign, you should have a strategic social media campaign that will allow social engagement.


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