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Many search engine optimisation agencies don’t consider researching your target market to be a priority. This is because SEO is a form of inbound marketing, so your target market is already interested and looking for your product or service.

We, however, find that a deeper understanding of your target market is critical to providing successful SEO services, especially for CRO purposes. Our agency treats each visitor like a person and not an IP address, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Depending on your products and/or services, the size and scale of your target market base may be national or local. Our SEO UK service focuses on a nationwide market whereas our SEO local services, such as SEO Hampshire, are tailored for a more niche market.

By accessing market research available to us an understanding of your target audience’s behavioural patterns can be established. This information can lead to a strategy that successfully appeals to your target audience.

Keyword Strategy

An extensive and tactical keyword strategy is essential to providing a high quality SEO service. The keyword strategy is fundamental to a successful campaign as it is incorporated across all SEO activities.

Any successful search marketing agency will execute extensive keyword research. This consists of existing keywords, competitor keywords, and industry trending keywords. Its purpose is to identify valued keywords that should be targeted in the keywords strategy.

A valued keyword would be specific to your business, depending on the purpose of your website. Some popular keywords may deliver lots of traffic to your website, but you may not see any increase in conversions. This is why valued keywords, that will deliver converting traffic, need to be identified.

The keyword strategy should consist of both primary and secondary targeted keywords. Primary keywords will be prioritised and as their ranking in SERPs increases so shall secondary keywords, albeit at a slower rate. Any keyword strategy our agency develops will first be approved by you to ensure it is in line with your business goals.

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Website Reform Strategy

Even a website that performs sufficiently and looks impressive may be performing poorly in search engines.

The size and structure of your website will impact our approach to its SEO reform. Larger sites will need to be reformed section by section. These will be prioritised by importance and traffic levels in order to achieve maximum results.

Landing page opportunities will also be assessed as they are valuable assets for your website. By using the latest CRO techniques, your website’s performance will improve, reducing its bounce rate and leading to an increase in sales and enquiries.

The meta data will be redefined to strategically target keywords that will drive traffic to your website. In order to convert this traffic into customers, on-page changes may also need to be implemented.

As a web design agency, operating since 1999, we have a team of experienced designers and development experts. This means we can target your specific audience with a website that is functional, user friendly, and optimised for both conversions and search engine purposes.

Content Outreach Strategy

All our content is created with a target market and performance goal in mind. This is because content for content’s sake doesn’t get the results you need. With a target market identified and fantastic, engaging content created we begin the process of placing it in front of relevant audiences online.

This outreach can take many forms from online community placement, blog and news site PR, social media outreach and more. All our online PR is carried out with your target market and intended conversion goals in mind. This ensures that not only is your content being placed in front of a relevant audience but that any referral traffic that is drawn to your site is already engaged with what you have to say.

Whether it’s big content pieces or a simple guest blog placement, we take content placement as seriously as its creation because we care about your brand reputation and business goals.

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