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Understanding your Business

It’s essential for us to develop a healthy working relationship with each of our clients, which is why our first action of business is to have a discussion. By doing this, we can gain a deeper understanding of your business’s fundamentals as well as insight into the products and/or services you provide.

We can then carry out a preliminary review of your website and identify your existing level of online visibility. This will not only aid us in demonstrating how powerful SEO can be for your business but will also allow us to develop the correct KPI expectations.

We investigate your business's current and historic online PR as well as your social media involvement to identify your existing digital reputation. This also gives us an understanding of how your business targets your customers and an idea of who we will represent you through our SEO activities.

Technical Audit

A technical audit allows us to analyse your website’s coding and make recommendations to increase the effectiveness of our SEO practices. These suggestions ensure you receive the highest possible return from search engine optimisation..

Our technical audit identifies your website’s strongest technical areas relating to SEO performance, as well as errors and weak areas that need amending. The actions we suggest will make your website more accessible and favourable to search engines.

The technical audit explores your website’s functionality. It will look at numerous factors that will affect the user experience. Search engines prioritise user experience when reviewing websites, by improving the user experience your website will rank higher in SERPs.

This audit is essential at the beginning of any SEO campaign to ensure your website is search engine friendly, and that the efficiency of all SEO activities are maximised to provide the best return on your investment.

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Content Audit (on-site)

After the SEO technical audit has been generated a content audit is carried out. During this we evaluate all of your existing onsite material and content. Once completed, content can then be optimised for both search engine success and visitor conversions.

The layout and readability of your pages will be critiqued, including an assessment of any existing SEO keyword use within your website. An inspection into your HTML data including title tags, headings, meta data and anchor text is also carried out so they can be optimised for search engines.

A common issue that often hinders websites in SERPs is duplicate content. This may be harming your business’ SEO performance, if so new fresh content can be generated and submitted to replace it. The multimedia on your website (photos, PDF files, videos etc) will also need optimising for search engines.

This is a vital procedure for developing a high quality SEO friendly website, which would massively increase the success of your business’ website within SERPs.

Reputation and Authority Audit

Once we’ve completed the preliminary on-site auditing process, it is time to look at your offsite activities. How your business is represented offsite is an essential component to a successful SEO campaign.

By reviewing all of the reputation links to your business’s website, we can classify which are beneficial and which are damaging to your website’s SEO. The appropriate actions can then be carried out to conduct your digital community involvement in ways that will maximise the success of your SEO campaign.

We look at the offsite content that your website is associated to ensure it reinforces your business’s authority within the industry. This will result in a direct benefit to your website’s performance in SERPs.

We investigate your business's current and historic online PR as well as your social media involvement to identify your existing digital reputation. By knowing your business’s existing online presence, we can make appropriate recommendations and take action that will most effectively benefit your website’s SEO.

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Competitor Analysis

Having an understanding of your market is essential to being successful in business. This is why it is essential for us to identify your digital competition. We will ask you who your perceived competitors are. We will also identify your online industry leaders, and your direct digital competitors.

After your main digital competitors have been identified, their websites can be critiqued. Also, their interaction with online communities as well as the platforms they’re involved in can be recognised. This will discover a number of potential strategic digital platforms ideal for your business.


By comparing your business’s website to the websites of your industry’s leaders a benchmark for your market’s expectations can be established. It would then be easier to amend your website and include content that will satisfy and engage users, leading to an increase in converting visitors.

By monitoring your key competitors throughout the duration of your SEO campaign, our strategies can evolve as market trends and new marketing opportunities become available to your industry.


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