Meet the MRS Team

We employ talented people who completely embrace our core values and we're so damn proud of them.

Carol Blackford-Mills

Managing Director

The captain of our ship and founder of MRS. Carol cultivates our core values of heart and family and combines them with exceptional business acumen to motivate success.

Adam Blackford-Mills

Digital Sales And Marketing Director

In life and work Adam is always looking for his next challenge. As Digital Sales and Marketing Director he's one of the driving forces behind the direction of MRS' continued growth.

Mike Rea


As one of the founding members and a director of MRS, Mike is a true fitness fanatic and a well-loved member of the team.

Dawn Salter

Office Manager

Office Manager Dawn is a marathon running machine who is always looking to beat her PB. She's great at keeping things on track in the office too!

John Burton

Digital Strategy Manager

MRS' technical strategist loves surfing waves and deep diving into data to help the team achieve the best results possible for our clients.

Ryan Hill

Senior Digital Account Manager

Our long-serving Account Manager Ryan is all about the happy home life and #MondayMotivation to keep the team in check and on schedule.

Keith Blues

Head of Design and Development

With over 20+ years of experience, Keith is MRS’ Head of Design & Development. When he’s not steering the team's design and development projects, he’s most likely to be found outdoors mountain biking or camping.

Rob Smart

Creative Designer

Graphics pro Rob is a botany buff and true explorer - both in the wild and in work. With the utmost attention to detail, he's always innovation.

Noemi Bisicchia

Web Design

As one of MRS’ web designers, Noemi thrives on a creative challenge. When she’s not using her skills for websites, Noemi can be found putting them to good use in drawing, painting or baking.

Ben Lewis

Video Content Creative

With a camera slung over his shoulder, our keen videographer Ben can be found either filming or editing our clients next advert.

Emily Greer

SEO & Insights Manager

Analyst by daylight, baker come nightfall, Emily has an appetite for insight and she empowers clients with data integrity and business decisions where (and when) it matters.

Michele Tommasi

Head of PPC

This Prince of PPC is our long-reigning, undefeated MRS foosball king who loves getting creative with ad campaigns.

Louise Ralphson

PPC/Paid Social Manager

Louise is MRS’ strategic Paid Social Manager. Utilising years of experience, Louise carefully crafts powerful paid social campaigns that drive brand awareness and boost conversions. She's also a keen trail finder, always planning her next adventure.

Barney Packer

Digital PR and Outreach Executive

As one of our Digital PR & Outreach specialists, Barney devotes his time to developing and outreaching thumb-stopping content for clients. Also a pop-culture enthusiast, Barney loves music and is unashamedly a total film nerd.

Tanya Konovalova

SEO Outreach

Our lady of link acquisition loves exploring new and exciting destinations, when she's not exploring new outreach opportunities.

Charlotte Winterbourne

Digital PR

Charlotte is our Digital PR Executive. When she’s not building relationships and boosting brand awareness for clients, Charlotte can be found navigating markets and cooking up a culinary storm in the kitchen.

Helen Williams

Digital Content Writer

Resident writer Helen loves a cup of tea and a good book, all things hygge, and coming up with quality content ideas.

Caine Bird

Digital Content Writer

With his travelled notebook, our writer Caine has shaped content for different genres, forms, and audiences. When he’s not wordsmithing, he’s either book bothered or musing over a coffee.

Kitty Bates

Digital Content Executive

Kitty spends her days carefully crafting and optimising content for clients as part of our digital team. When she's not writing, she's in the gym setting grip world records (yes, really).

Jade Dawson

SEO Specialist

SEO pro Jade is a keen horserider and painter who happens to have a real talent for counting keywords and sussing search engines.

Alice Dulka-Philpott

Social & Content Executive

Insta-obsessed, stylish socialite Alice is always out and about exploring new trends as our own Social Media Guru.

Ellis Woods

Digital Account Manager

In his spare time, Account Manager Ellis is a competitive football manager. He loves cheesy Dad jokes, solving problems, and good old-fashioned team work.

Amy Khamis

Digital Account Manager

With over 5 years of experience at MRS, Account Manager Amy has constantly developed herself and the team around her. Among her many talents, she’s now studying law too, because why not!

Ashley Symons

Senior Developer

Dedicated Developer Ashley loves cycling, surfing, and generally all things active when he's not honing his skills as a connoisseur of complex coding for bespoke systems.

Matthew Jeffers

Front End Developer

Front End Developer Matt is all about gaming, coffee, his French bulldog Bruce, and WordPress wizardry.

Elaine Titley

Accounts Administrator

Home-maker Elaine loves spending time in the garden, baking and decorating cakes, as well as keeping MRS’ accounts organised.

Clare Maloney

Account Manager/Internal ISO Auditor

Adept in the art of administration, Clare elegantly balances school runs and spread sheets keeping the organisation of the office on course.

Alicia Rockall

Project Manager

Project Manager Alicia is responsible for overseeing our range of web projects and managing timelines. Outside of the office, she is likely making YouTube videos, playing chess or pottering about with her plants.

Andy Ryan

MRS Talent Specialist

An eagle eyed talent scout with 15 years under his belt, Andy supports MRS’ growth by recruiting new and exciting members for our team. His passion for cycling is matched only by his eye for talent.

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