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Empower Your Team to Unlock New Found Business Insight

Our Google Analytics training empowers your team by providing practical ways to use Google Analytics to support to your day-to-day work. We teach trainees how to extract valuable insights into the performance of a website to fuel data-led business decisions.

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Course Length1-day (10am to 5pm)
Number of AttendeesUp to 4
LocationMRS Digital Training Facilities OR we can come to you (online sessions also available)
InvestmentFrom £900 (up to 4 people)

We provide different levels of Google Analytics training, all tailored to your unique needs, to ensure your team gets the most out of the data available to you as well as identify opportunities to expand the data you collect to enhance actionable insights.

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    Google Analytics Fundamentals Training

    What’s Covered in The Training?

    Introduction to
    Google Analytics

    • How Google Analytics works
    • Account Structure
    • Navigating Google Analytics
    • Understanding goals and events
    • Understanding overview reports

    The Five Pillars
    of Reporting

    • Audience reports
    • Acquisition reports
    • Behaviour reports
    • Conversion reports
    • Real-time reports

    Data Querying, Analyses & Customisation

    • Querying your data
    • Saving reports
    • Setting up custom reports
    • User segments
    • Admin

    Our Google Analytics fundamental training session sets the foundations required within GA to be able to use the interface and ensure your team are on the same page when interpreting the data from different reports.

    Our training day focuses on day-to-day use of Analytics to support the trainee’s job function and addresses challenges they are facing. It goes beyond an academic training day, instead attendees are encouraged to discuss how they use Google Analytics, what insights they want or are regularly asked for by stakeholders. This blended web analytics training and workshop approach delivers a more hands-on training session that correlates directly with the trainee’s job function.

    Our training attendees benefit from small groups for intimate training session. This approach encourages a safe environment to ask questions and learn from one of our analytics experts who has familiarised themselves with your data to understand the pain points you may have and tailor the training accordingly.

    Team our training day with a full Google Analytics audit to work towards gaining data integrity and informed business decisions.

    Who will benefit from the training?

    Our web analytics course focuses on the marketing and ecommerce function job roles. As a result, we welcome all marketing and ecommerce team members to learn how Google Analytics can help you overcome challenges within your business and your job role. So whether you are an ecommerce manager, a social media executive or a UX specialist, you will benefit from our fundamentals Google Analytics course.

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    “The course was totally tailored for our company so the insights we received will make a real and measurable difference to our business…

    … Thank you so much to everyone at MRS Digital – highly recommended! Our course facilitator Emily is nothing less than exceptional – her knowledge knows no bounds and she was able to simplify complex topics into easily understandable sessions. She also provided very well presented & detailed user guides that we can take away and use for our own business, as well as a brilliant dashboard that will make reporting so easy – literally a click of a button…”


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    Bespoke to your data

    Our experts spend time to understand your Google Analytics data to understand how your current configuration is set up beyond out of the box solution. This highlights any nuances that may be unique to your data which would not typically be picked up with training based on Google Analytics demo data.

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    Live and historic data

    As our training is centralised around your business’s data, we look at live and historic data to provide recommendations and training based on the information you will be working with. This means we are training you on your most up-to-date data.

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    Challenge workshop

    Our training incorporates a challenge workshop where we work with your team to understand the challenges faced by you at the business level as well as an individual level. Your trainer will then provide completely tailored training support to address these specific needs.

    Our Google Analytics Training Services

    Discover how you can empower your team with Google Analytics training from the experts at MRS.

    Why is this better the Google Analytics’ Academy course?

    Unlike the Google Analytics Academy course, our training goes beyond academic training to provide you with hands on examples and recommendations to gain actionable insights from your own business’ data.

    Can you have different job functions attending the training?

    Yes! We encourage ecommerce and marketing team members to attend with all job functions. In our experience, we have found teams get the most value from this as they are all on the same page and interpreting the data in the same way which helps reduce miscommunications to stakeholders.

    Can we have more than 5 people attend?

    We are happy to discuss if more people can attend your training session at an additional cost. However, we recommend keeping groups small so that attendees get the most value from the intimate training groups.

    What happens after the training day?

    Our experts will round up any action points and allow some time for post-training support.

    What do we need to bring with us?

    We strongly recommend each attendee brings a laptop to the training day so that they can follow the training course within the Google Analytics interface.

    What do we get on the training day?

    On the day, each attendee will receive a handout of the training material to make notes ready for when you’re back in the office (whether it is virtually or in person). Plus, each attendee receives a branded MRS Digital notebook because who doesn’t love a freebie!

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    our Analytics training courses and how it can benefit your team.

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