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We’ve Been Crowned European Integrated Search Agency of the Year – You’re in Safe Hands

Both SEO and PPC work to attract the same audiences in search. Your paid and organic listings can even share the same Google results page. So, why would you keep the two disciplines separate?  

Integrated search marketing is the process of combining SEO and PPC channels to form a singular strategy that offers a cohesive experience to users and provides distinct benefits compared to running each channel in isolation. The foremost of which are greater efficiency and better ROI. 

Shifting attitudes mean more businesses are moving to an integrated search approach rather than keeping SEO and PPC siloed. At MRS Digital, we’ve led this charge. That’s why we’re winners of the Integrated Search Agency of the Year at the European Agency Awards 2023 – three years running!.

Featured Project: IRIS HR

Integrated Search Marketing Propels IRIS HR Consulting into A Global Market Within 6 Months

The results speak for themselves, the ultimate benchmark of all being a 500% increase in leads delivered across the 6-month period of us working with the brand, compared to the previous period. With more content to write and further rankings to be won, this is only the start of IRIS HRC’s success.

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Why connected organic and paid search is more important than ever

Search marketing can be a costly endeavour, so anything that can make your investment in these channels more effective should be welcomed with open arms.

Integrating SEO and PPC allows you to take a holistic view of your search data, granting improved targeting and a joined-up approach to messaging, on-site experience, and bid management. For example, if you’re targeting keywords via paid search that you have great rankings for in organic search, you can create a bid strategy that focuses on efficiency of spend on these terms. That then frees up budget that you can invest elsewhere.

The benefits of integrated marketing

  • Rapidly identify and capitalise on new and emerging search trends
  • Identify gaps in query coverage
  • Save time and resource understanding search market
  • Develop PPC bid strategies that reacts to organic coverage
  • Streamline activities that benefit both SEO & PPC, like page speed optimisation
  • Better understand user journeys with multi-channel attribution
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How our integrated search marketing approach works for you

MRS Digital Integrated Search Funnel

At MRS Digital, we still have a separate SEO team and a PPC team, but our strategies are integrated. From the outset of working with a new client, we’ll be considering total search coverage and how to maximise the opportunity search offers with each channel together.

We take time to really understand your target audiences and their search behaviour. Investing a bit more work early on pays dividends as it yields greater online visibility, lower cost opportunities, and allows to map out how your users progress through the marketing funnel.

We then build strategies that identify and address coverage needs in the short-, medium- and long-term. After all, you probably shouldn’t be bidding in PPC exactly the same now as you will in 9-months’ time when SEO is pushing valuable keywords up the rankings.

Vitally, we use joined up reporting to paint a fuller picture of your search coverage and performance. Techniques like data blending in Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio) let us tie the data together so we can adapt our approaches to SEO and PPC to what’s really happening. Ultimately, this side-by-side analysis means our teams can flex in ways that generate efficiencies in work/allocation, meaning better return for you.

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Unified PPC & SEO Support Under One Roof

Get in touch with the team at MRS Digital today to see how we can help you get the results you deserve with a bespoke, integrated search strategy.

Why Choose MRS Digital for Integrated SEO & PPC Services?

Integrated Search Marketing

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+ We’re Multi-award Winners

We’re proud of our busy awards shelf. Not only did we win the European Agency Awards’ Integrated Search Agency award for 2023, we’ve also won a host of other prestigious industry awards.

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+ Individual Specialists

We are made up of multi-disciplinary specialists. From SEO and PPC experts to design and development specialists, our talented bunch collaborate and work in harmony to get you the best results possible.

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+ We Take a Tailored Approach

We don’t do packages or brackets of services here. At MRS, we tailor our services to your needs. We recommend a combination of harmonised services depending on what we know will get you the best results.

MRS Digital – European Search Awards WINNER 2024!
MRS Digital - UK Search Awards - Winner - Badge
European Agency Awards 2023 Winner Badge
European Agency Awards 2023 Silver Badge
UK Agency Awards 2023 WINNER Badge
European awards 2022 winner
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“MRS continue to add strategic and tactical value to FMP Global They really feel like an extension of the core team. The split of our original website into dedicated UK and international sites was a risk but MRS have more than risen to the challenge, with the international site delivering 240% more organic goal completions in the year – a superb result.”

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‘Integrated Search Agency of the Year’ – European Agency Awards 2023

European Agency Awards 2023 Winner Badge

Integrated Search Marketing Propels IRIS HR Consulting into A Global Market Within 6 Months

The results speak for themselves, the ultimate benchmark of all being a 500% increase in leads delivered across the 6-month period of us working with the brand, compared to the previous period. With more content to write and further rankings to be won, this is only the start of IRIS HRC’s success.

MRS Digital Award

Integrated SEO & PPC FAQs

Isn’t it riskier to have a single provider for SEO and PPC?

This is a common opinion we come across; companies don’t want all of their eggs in one basket. This standpoint is understandable, especially if you’ve been burnt by a previous agency relationship that hasn’t been successful.

However, the rewards of integrating SEO & PPC are not to be ignored. Our opinion is that if you take the time to find the right agency partner – and have done your due diligence before working with them – then this will minimise any associated risk. 

Does PPC increase SEO keyword rankings?

PPC doesn’t directly enhance your organic keyword rankings no – however, PPC can increase SEO performance indirectly. For example, advertising can drive greater brand awareness and branded searches, which Google uses as a ‘popularity’ signal. 

PPC also provides invaluable insight that allow you to get more meaningful SEO gains quicker. For example, keywords can be tested via PPC for their potential value in an organic targeting strategy. High converting terms will become a higher priority in SEO. This kind of data would potentially take months to gain through SEO, setting back your success. 

Conversely, SEO provides a certain breadth of coverage difficult to achieve via paid search. Without fail, tools like Google Search Console, combined with great content, will reveal targeting opportunities that can be later capitalised on via PPC.  

Is it cheaper to integrate SEO and PPC?

Ultimately, yes. First, using an integrated search strategy means you don’t end up paying for the same work twice. Tasks like keyword research, audience research and content optimisation are needed for both SEO and PPC, so why have two teams doing the same thing?

Second, integrated search marketing yields better returns. So, you’re not paying less for SEO, for example, but you are ensuring that your SEO and PPC are working efficiently together to streamline your cost per lead or sale.

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Make the Most of Integrated Search Marketing

We’ll show you just how powerful an integrated search strategy can be. Speak to the experts at MRS today about SEO and PPC integration.

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