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Make Google Analytics Work Harder for You

Having Google Analytics tracking on your website is a necessity. But simply adding Analytics tracking to your site and letting it do its thing isn’t utilising the platform to its best potential. Set up correctly, Analytics can truly empower marketers with endless insight that’s valuable, measurable and actionable. It also allows for integration with other tools and platforms including Google AdsGoogle Tag Manager, and CRMs.

So, if you’ve never used Google Analytics before, or, you only know the basics, how can you get the most out of it? That’s where we come in. We can set up your Analytics account for you, making sure you have access to insight that matters. We perform an in-depth, thorough Analytics setup service which is tailored to your business’s needs and requirements.

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What Makes a Good Google Analytics Setup?

With so many settings and options available in Analytics (especially GA4), it’s no wonder many marketers get overwhelmed – where do you start? Especially as the wrong move can potentially affect how your tracking is presented in the platform. With Google Analytics, it’s important you know what you’re doing, or it could have a detrimental effect on your account.

With the vast changes that came with the arrival of GA4, it’s vital to have a team that understands the unique challenges presented by Google Analytics implementation.

Fortunately, our team of experts understand the new requirements to collect accurate data that will ultimately enhance your business decisions.

We don’t just perform academic setups based on best practice either. We understand your business and learn what data is valuable to achieving your business objectives. This data-led approach helps removes any reliance on misleading hunches.

What Our In-depth Analytics Setup Service Includes

Our Google Analytics setup service includes but is not restricted to:

GA4 properties

We analyse all of your web and app assets and provide recommendations on how to structure your analytics account to get the most insight out of these assets. Understanding what your short-term and long-term business goals are, we are able to structure your new Google Analytics account to reflect this.

Setting Up Conversions

Once we’ve set up event tracking via Google Tag Manager, we’ll make sure these are collecting as conversions accurately in Analytics. For instance, form completions or booking confirmations.

Compliant data

We work will your legal team to make sure you are collecting consented data and the methods of your data collection is aligned with your policies. This includes retention of data; we ensure Google Analytics keep the data for only as long as you need.

Basic Settings Checks

We’ll comb through your Analytics’ basic settings, checking everything has been set up correctly within GA4. This includes making sure your events are not duplicated and collecting the right event and user parameters to provide actionable insights.

Content Groupings

We’ll create content groupings so certain areas of the website can be grouped together and the right configuration settings are applied so that you can see this in the Google Analytics interface. For instance, if you have product listings, or different service areas.

Custom Channel Groupings

As part of your setup, we will ensure that your content and channel groupings have been set up correctly. This includes ensuring data accuracy and setting up custom channel groups.

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

We can help set up or troubleshoot your enhanced ecommerce tracking using the updated attributes. This makes sure your ecommerce performance is fully measured and can be used in ongoing marketing activity.

Referral Exclusions

We’ll exclude your website’s domain to prevent internal referrals.

Custom Insights

We’ll set up custom insights, previously known as custom alerts, in your GA4 to notify you of any sudden drops in traffic. This will highlight tracking issues so any problems can be resolved quickly.

Explorer Hub Reports, Saved Reports & Dashboards

We can set up explorer hub reports to help analyse your data, or we can customise existing reports to only provide the data that matters to your business based on your requests or our recommendations.

User ID Tracking

Utilise User ID to understand your user’s journey across multiple sessions. Move beyond users simply being the device used, instead understand how your true users interact with your site throughout the buying cycle.


With the introduction of new attribution models in GA4, our team will work with your business to understand the difference and establish the right Google Analytics attribution for you.

Google Tag Manager Setup

If you’re not already utilising Google Tag Manager, we’ll install it on your website for you. If you are already using Tag Manager, we’ll make sure the snippet has been placed on your website correctly and understand what tags have already been set up to avoid crossover and duplication.

Internal Traffic Management

We’ll set up appropriate IP filters to blocking internal traffic from your business and ours. This leaves you with your true user data.

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Setting Up Google Analytics FAQs

Why do I need a Google Analytics setup service?

There are many settings and options available within Analytics, and it can be challenging to know where to begin. But even if you think you’ve set it up correctly, the smallest imperfection can impact how your tracking is presented, and ultimately, your end data. This can lead to inflated and inaccurate data, which means business decisions are made relying on incorrect data.

With GA4’s arrival in July 2023, it’s more important than ever to ensure your Google Analytics is set up correctly for you. Whether it’s ensuring changes in metrics from GA3 to GA4 have been taken into account, or just peace of mind that your property has been correctly switched over for your needs, a setup service will not only put your mind at rest, but will ensure your data is collected correctly and accurately.

What CMSs do you work with?

We’ve been in the game for over two decades now, so we’re more than familiar with the variety of content management systems thrown our way. We understand the possibilities and constraints of different CMSs, which allows us to efficiently implement tracking with plug-ins where needed. We work with:

• Shopify
• Magento 2
• Salesforce Cloud Commerce
• BigCommerce
• WordPress
• Umbraco

Why Choose MRS Digital For Your Google Analytics Setup?

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and make sure you have all the insight you need. Teamed up with Google Analytics training led by our team of analytics and insights experts, you can feel confident in extracting insight that will contribute to your business goals.


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+ Integrated Agency

As an integrated search agency, we know how to make your Google Analytics work hard for you across all ventures.

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+ Experienced Team

A comprehensive and detailed Analytics setup is crucial. That’s why our team are highly skilled experts, never missing a trick when it comes to your setup.

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+ Industry Knowledge

We’re not just numbers people either. We make sure that the data we collect means something for you and your business, capitalising on valuable insight.

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