Advanced Google Analytics Setup Services

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Get the Most Out of Google Analytics.

Having Google Analytics tracking on your website is a necessity. But, simply adding Analytics tracking to your site and letting it do its thing isn’t utilising the platform to its best potential. Set up correctly, Analytics can truly empower marketers with endless insight that’s valuable, measurable and actionable. It also allows for integration with other tools and platforms including Google AdsGoogle Tag Manager, Google Optimize and CRMs.

So, if you’ve never used Analytics before, or, you only know the basics, how can you get the most out of it? That’s where we come in. We can set up your Analytics account for you, making sure you have access to insight that matters. We perform an in-depth, thorough Analytics setup service which is tailored to your business’s needs and requirements.

As Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP), you can rest assured your website’s analytics are in the safe hands of experts.

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What Makes a Good Google Analytics Setup?

With so many settings and options available in Analytics, it’s no wonder many marketers get overwhelmed – where do you start? Especially as the wrong move can potentially affect how your tracking is presented in the platform. With Google Analytics, it’s important you know what you’re doing, or it could have a detrimental effect on your account.

What Our In-depth Analytics Audit Includes

Our Google Analytics setup service includes but is not restricted to:

View Setup

We’ll check and set up, at minimum, a filtered and an unfiltered view. These will be clearly named and differentiated within your website’s Analytics property. An unfiltered view is often overlooked but is extremely important.


We’ll set up appropriate filters, including blocking traffic from your business and ours.

Basic Settings Checks

We’ll comb through your Analytics’ basic settings, checking everything has been set up correctly. This includes making sure internal site search is being recorded.

Content Groupings

We’ll create content groupings so certain areas of the website can be grouped together and reported on. For instance, if you have product listings, or different service areas.

Default Channel Groupings

Go through referrals and move domains that shouldn’t be in there into relevant groupings – this is usually only organic search (e.g. Yahoo & DuckDuckGo, and social).

Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

We can help set up or troubleshoot your enhanced eCommerce tracking, making sure your data mirrors your true revenue.

 Referral Exclusions

We’ll exclude your website’s domain to prevent internal referrals.

Custom Alerts

We’ll set up custom alerts to notify you of any sudden drops in traffic. This will highlight tracking issues so any problems can be resolved quickly.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

We can set up custom dashboards and reports for your business based on your requests or our recommendations.

User ID Tracking

We can set up User ID tracking for you to provide a more accurate user count in reporting.

Google Tag Manager Setup

If you’re not already utilising Google Tag Manager, we’ll install it on your website for you. If you are already using Tag Manager, we’ll make sure the snippet has been placed on your website correctly and understand what tags have already been set up to avoid crossover.

Setting Up Goals

Once we’ve set up event tracking via Google Tag Manager, we’ll create goals in Analytics to track events that are indicative of conversions. For instance, form completions or booking confirmations.

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“MRS Digital are Google Analytics wizards! Thanks to MRS we are now able to pinpoint what digital activity is generating interest in each of our high street practices.”

Eyesite Opticians

Why Choose MRS Digital For Your Google Analytics Setup?

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders and make sure you have all the insight you need.

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Google Analytics Partners

We are Google Analytics Certified Partners and have years of experience setting up Google Analytics accounts as well as training others how.

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We’re Flexible

There’s no use having access to all this new insight if you don’t know what it means. Our Analytics experts can talk you through it, so you can understand what actions to take following your insights.


We’re Data Nerds

We will work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve from your data, allowing us to set up your Analytics account in a way that benefits your business effectively.

Start Collecting Insight

Your journey starts here. We’ll help you unlock the insight you need to start measuring your success. Speak to one of Analytics experts today.