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Content Marketing

In 2019 we delivered over 2400 pieces of written content, generating more than 7m visitors to websites.

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Content marketing that creates conversations

Stimulate interest through informative content.

Content marketing is a way of sharing your knowledge to attract customers. 61% of consumers’ buying decisions are influenced by content marketing, making it one of the most powerful converting factors in any marketing strategy.

But audiences are more discerning than ever. That’s why we help your content stand out from the crowd. Our creative flair, directed by data and insight, combine to create content that really speaks to your audience.

We focus on creating content that supports your wider commercial goals. Whether it’s a standalone piece or a full content marketing strategy, our digial team produce content that drives your targeted marketing goals.

The In-Store Experience Goes Online

In order to support our seasonal marketing campaign for Southern Co-Op, we build a digital advent calendar, with prizes linked to in-store purchases. The campaign was designed to grow brand engagement, provide data capture and drive store footfall. And it delivered!

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How We Create Compelling Content

Creating great content requires a considered approach. A product of your digital marketing strategy, content with a commercial purpose ensures value for you as well as your audience.

Content Audit

Before generating any content strategy we undertake a SWOT analysis on your existing content marketing, examine your industry and also your competitors. This allows us to identify any content that’s already working well and all important content gaps that we can fill.

Content Ideation

Using an open, collaborative approach to ideation ensures that we never settle for mediocre ideas. This process means that your content marketing material is always produced for the right reasons and is grown from great creative thinking.

Content Seeding

If good content is published on the web and no one is around to read it, is it good content? Our answer is no. And we make sure that never happens. Using a range of channels to push content to your audience is vital to any successful content strategy.

Storytelling Content

Your most entertaining friends are the ones that tell fun anecdotes or can spin a good yarn. That’s why some of the best digital content does the same. Let us help your business tell stories that your audience will want to engage with and share.

Content Creation

Copywriting is only one facet of our content marketing services. Our expert teams are well versed in creating content in any form that will deliver the best results. Whether that’s interactive landing pages, microsites, infographics, complex systems, data visualisation or anything else; you name it, we’ve done it.

PR & Outreach

Our outreach team are a dab hand at getting your content seen. Good outreach and digital PR amplifies your content’s visibility and helps to drive your marketing aims while delivering improved SEO value.

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“MRS brought a fresh, fun spin to a relatively dry subject matter, engaging our audience with blogs, quizzes, guides and more.”

Marketing Director – FMP Global

Why Choose MRS
As Your Content Marketing Agency?

Sure, anyone can create content. But as an experienced content marketing agency, we tailor our expertise to your business and brand voice. We utilise all our in-house skills and think past simple ideation and creation to deliver content that really works for you.

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In-House Creatives

We have all the skills under one roof to create vivid, engaging and interactive content. From blogs and whitepapers to videos, infographics and more.


Fully Immersed

We don’t create for your business, we create ‘as’ your business. Only then can we truly communicate with your audience.


Create & Deliver

We don’t just create content. We market and advertise it to the digital world to make it work as effectively as possible for you.

Ready To Tell Your Story?

Tell us more about your content marketing needs. We’ll put together a content marketing strategy that will deliver the results you’re looking for.

Understanding Your Business And Audience

We immerse ourselves in your business; writing as you, not for you. By taking the time to truly understand your brand voice and the audience you are trying to reach, we create outstanding, impactful content.

Thanks to this deep understanding of your business, we create content that not only promotes you but adds value to your audience. This also allows us to know how and where to place it online to get the best exposure and deliver maximum value.

As Passionate About Your Growth As We Are About Your Story

Whether you’re launching a new website or looking to optimise an existing one, the correct content and keywords are vital to your online success.

We know that a potent content marketing approach and results driven SEO campaign go hand in hand. After all, the two are mutually dependant. Entertaining, informing, educating and engaging your audience is the key to pleasing Google’s algorithms and driving your marketing goals.

Content Is Just The Start

Creating great content is just the first step in a wider digital marketing campaign. As a full-service agency, we don’t just make the content, we put it to work.