Project: Email Automation 

Aero Healthcare

How We Did It

  • 48-point discovery phase
  • Intensive HubSpot audit and consultation
  • Multilayered workflow creation
  • Stringent QA and extensive cross-device testing
  • Monthly monitoring and iterative improvement 
  • On-going support for sales team

Sophisticated Email Automation Delivers A 6799% ROI In Just Six Months 

Aero Healthcare are an international medical consumables supplier. Working with their UK branch to smarten up their sales automation, warm up leads and nurture new leads with cleverly crafted copy, we collaborated with key stakeholders at Aero Healthcare to build four email automations including all the required components from wireframes, to copy.

We built all aspects of the four email automations using tried and tested techniques, focusing on giving the sales team time to work with the big fish, not the small fry.

Sophisticated Email Automation Delivers A 6799% ROI In Just Six Months 

+6799% ROI

Based on influenced revenue

The Achievement

Aero Healthcare have a fantastic range of solutions but their existing set up didn’t allow them to identify and prioritise their high value leads. They were also using a legacy setup in HubSpot that had been created for a small sales team which no longer aligned with the business’ growth plans. 

We coincided the launch of a new website and a more modern brand feel with email automations, creating a cohesive cross-channel system that kept leads engaged. Within months, small changes like time-triggered notifications significantly improved lead qualification and segmentation. The sales team focused on high-value leads, while automations qualified lower-value leads and transferred knowledge-only contacts to marketing. Prompting follow-ups for leads about to turn cold also proved valuable in preventing funnel drop-off.

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