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Keith Michaels

How We Did It

  • Vast information-rich content hubs
  • Clever featured snippet optimisation
  • Engaging, interactive link magnet content
  • Strategic, consistent keyword targeting and research
  • Leveraging car enthusiast contributions for authentic user-generated content
  • A fantastic working relationship

Accelerating Keith Michaels’ SEO with 25K+ Organic Ranking Keywords

Keith Michaels is a well-known car insurance brokerage, arranging insurance for specialist drivers – such as owners of performance, modified, import and business vehicles – as well as drivers coming back after driving convictions.

Keith Michaels is one of our oldest SEO customers at MRS. Initially coming to us for web design and build, they soon challenged us to enhance their organic presence online. We knew that this would be no easy feat (insurance is well-known for being one of the most competitive industries in the digital space) but of course, we took it on.

And, well the rest is history.

Keith Michaels’ success in SEO is a shining example of how good relationships are everything. Keith Michaels trusted our recommendations and allowed us to experiment with a myriad of techniques over the years, as SEO changed, so did we – and the results show.

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average YOY increase in organic sessions for the past 9 years


organic ranking keywords in the UK


increase in organic conversions in 2023 YoY

The Achievement

Since we began working with Keith Michaels for SEO specifically, their organic traffic on average has increased +29% YoY for the past 9 years.

When we started, we knew that the challenge ahead of us was a very big one (automotive insurance is just a bit competitive), but with many of us being fellow petrolheads, we were up for the challenge.

Some of our notable successes on the website include the creation of interactive link magnet content, and the production of vast, interconnected content architectures that capture audiences at different stages – from individual conviction code info pages (where someone learns about what this will mean for them) to a specific specialist insurance landing page where they can convert.

We know how important it is for users to hear from ‘real people’ in content too, and so over the years we leveraged some of Keith Michaels’ car enthusiast customer base to build profiles of their cars in Keith Michaels ‘Garage’.

Accelerating Keith Michaels’ SEO With 25K+ Organic Ranking Keywords

We also made the most of Keith Michaels’ vast content to refine and specifically optimise for a number of relevant featured snippets. We knew how valuable these positions in the rankings could be, and so we intentionally went out of our way to acquire them whenever the opportunity came our way.

Keith Michaels’ content, at the time of writing, holds over 25K organic ranking keywords in the United Kingdom and ranks for competitive keywords such as ‘specialist car insurance’, ‘banned driver insurance’, ‘expat car insurance’ and more.

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