Truly Individual PPC

Captures more of the Latin America tailor made holiday market for Latin Routes

The Brief

Latin Routes are THE tailor-made Latin America holiday specialists. They needed a PPC presence that worked as hard as they do for their clients, and tasked us with creating one.

We relished the chance to tackle the unique opportunities and challenges such a dynamic market offers. We leveraged our experience in the travel and leisure industry and created a closely managed PPC campaign. By being reactive to seasonality, competition, customer demand and the latest additions to Google’s Ad network we have delivered a campaign that has helped drive tangible business growth.

"MRS implemented a rebuild and accelerate programme on our paid search. Within two months we saw a 27.4% improvement in the efficiency of our spend. By year end they had delivered an 800% ROI on our advertising budget."

- Latin Routes

The Result

More business and visibility, delivered far more cost effectively

Thanks to our adaptive and responsive approach to their campaign, Latin Routes’ PPC advertising went from a metaphorical trickle to an Amazonian Rainforest downpour. We’ve not only been able to drive a considerable increase in the number of conversions delivered via PPC but we’ve enabled their budget to work harder for them with a sizeable reduction in account Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Alongside this we’ve also increased their impression share to over 40%, ensuring they’re outmanoeuvring all their competitors to dominate their selected paid search landscapes. In addition to this an increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) of almost 120%, through the careful editing and testing of ad copy, seems too good to be true, but it isn’t!

This campaign has not been without its challenges though. Market volatility, above all other factors, led to the odd month that raised blood pressures in the PPC team! However, through the activation of historical account data, utilisation of Google trends and good old-fashioned in-depth management we’ve moved to delivering consistent month-on-month growth in conversions for our client while driving a consistent growth in ROI.


increase in conversions (leading to hundreds more enquiries)


increase in conversion rate (from 1.48% to 2.60%)


reduction in CPA

What We Did

So, how did we achieve such great results for Latin Routes? Find out below:

Account Restructure & Enhancements

A brand new PPC account structure was put in place after having inherited the account and analysing the historical structure and data. We identified the need to enhance the entire account with a highly segmented structure so we could perform optimisation more efficiently, more quickly identify any growth opportunities and include the latest developments in Google’s best practices.

Optimisation & Testing

This was, and always will be, one of our core activities. We provide constant optimisation and testing at every level of the account. From removing unwanted traffic at keyword level to A/B testing ad copy and implementing the latest Google features. This has allowed us to constantly and incrementally improve performance overtime and to be ahead of the competition at every turn.

Anticipating Seasonality & Trends

Another key factor to our success is the ability to anticipate seasonality so our campaigns, budgets and ads are ready at the right moment. At the same time, monitoring trends has helped us to adapt our strategy and budget, which ultimately provides additional business to Latin Routes that they otherwise wouldn’t have won.

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