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You might see a defibrillator in your workplace or around your business premises, but is it registered? Taking just a moment to connect your defibrillator to The Circuit could help save lives.

At MRS Digital, we’re lucky to boast an extensive network of businesses – friends, colleagues, and clients past and present. We’re reaching out to you, and the rest of our contacts with the aim of getting 80 defibrillators newly registered to the national defibrillator network.

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Why Register Your Defibrillator?

If we may, let us share a few sobering statistics:

  • Fewer than 1 in 10 people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest
  • Defibrillation within 3-5 minutes of collapse can produce survival rates of up to 50-70%
  • Each minute of delay reduces the probability of survival to hospital by 10%
  • Fewer than 2% of people have an automated external defibrillator (AED) deployed before the ambulance arrives

Not only do these facts highlight the importance of defibrillation in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), but how vital it is that defibrillators can be easily accessed, and fast.

Registering your defibrillator with The Circuit entitles emergency services, including first responders, to locate the nearest publicly accessible external defibrillators (AEDs) when they are treating someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. And with such appalling survival rates, we all need to do more to reduce preventable deaths.

Created as a national incentive, The Circuit is a network of defibrillators across the UK that have been registered for emergency use. The British Heart Foundation, in partnership with the likes of St John Ambulance and Resuscitation Council UK, started the programme in order to enable greater access to defibrillators when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. And with 84% occurring outside of a healthcare setting, it’s easy to see the importance The Circuit has.

Setting up your defibrillator on The Circuit enables emergency services and first responders to find your device once sudden cardiac arrest occurs. And, so many workplaces, including ours at MRS Digital, house a defibrillator that hasn’t been registered – until now. We are supporting our customers, in collaboration with Aero Healthcare UK, to connect their defibrillators to The Circuit.

So, What Are We doing?

It’s simple – as part of Heart Month, we’re reaching out to our extensive network of clients and business contacts with the aim of getting at least 80 defibrillators newly registered on The Circuit.

In the near quarter of a century that MRS Digital has been in business, we’ve built up quite the professional network. In fact, we’ve got relationships with hundreds of organisations, many of whom have a number offices, stores or facilities. The growing importance and prevalence of life-saving first aid, means that a good proportion of these house defibrillators.

Signing up to The Circuit couldn’t be any easier, and we’re paving the way to show our clients and contacts how simple it is. After setting up an account, important information including brand, model and device serial number will need to be handy. Alongside entering location and the time frames your defibrillator is accessible, you’ll also need to know when any pads or batteries expire. Entering this all into The Circuit’s database not only means your defibrillator is registered for emergency use, but you’ll also receive notifications about required maintenance. It’s the perfect solution for you and emergency services.

But Why are We Encouraging Our Customers to Register Their Defibrillators?

We know what you’re thinking, “what’s this got to do with a digital marketing agency?” In truth? Nothing.

MRS Digital has seen an opportunity to swiftly make a tangible difference to a truly admirable cause and decided to champion it.

We have Aero Healthcare, leading first aid manufacturer and valued client, to thank for inspiring this action. Prior to working with Aero Healthcare, we hadn’t considered the importance of registering our office defibrillator, and we didn’t realise the wider benefit it could offer.

We soon learned our device was not connected to The Circuit. Through conversation, we also identified several customers with defibrillators that hadn’t been registered. So, how many businesses are out there that have defibrillators that haven’t been registered?

Our work with Aero Healthcare really opened our eyes to the astounding value an AED has. Defibrillation can increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest up to 50-70%, instead of the current less than 10% survival rate.

We realise that sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t discriminate and can impact anyone. That’s why we’re spreading the message to our customers. We know this could save someone’s life.

Under their recommendation, a defibrillator should be placed within a 90-second brisk walk of an incident occurring. Is your defibrillator visible and locatable for use?

With The Circuit, it will be. Your defibrillator, once registered, can be accessed by emergency services who are attending to a sudden cardiac arrest without an AED. If your device is accessible to them, it could save someone’s life. That’s why the cause is so important.

Powered by British Heart Foundation, The Circuit requires a national effort, and even local campaigns are big wins for the network. As MRS Digital is based in Hampshire, we know that we have opened up another defibrillator in the area that can be used. Likewise, our clients are all over the UK, so with their support, we can increase the number of devices registered. That’s the power that we, even as a humble digital marketing agency, can have.

Who are Aero Healthcare?

As a global manufacturer of medical consumables, Aero Healthcare produce and distribute products that provide support when an emergency occurs. Aero Healthcare, has been fundamental in delivering defibrillator solutions for innumerable companies, organisations and charities. Their mission, to ‘reduce the number of preventable deaths’, is prominent throughout their first aid products and solutions.

Aero Healthcare UK is also the leading supplier of HeartSine® Samaritan® defibrillators; through their work, they have aided the likes of British Heart Foundation and Metropolitan Police Service. As well as offering a wide range of defibrillators designed to suit users and locations, they also feature training devices that allow first-aiders to practise basic lifesaving skills. They have even been fundamental in delivering site surveys, defibrillator rollouts and maintenance support across hundreds of sites around the UK.

How has Aero Healthcare’s Work Benefited the Public?

Borne of their “Always on the Frontline” approach, Aero Healthcare UK supports businesses, emergency services and first responders whenever and wherever an accident, injury or sudden cardiac arrest occurs. Aero Healthcare’s products are designed for public access use, meaning anyone who is a first responder to an incident can use them. The products they produce and distribute are designed to support from the start of an incident to the handover of expert medical care.

Recent Aero Healthcare customer feedback really hits home just how important a defibrillator – and convenient access to one – can be:

“[…] yesterday afternoon I [was] fishing at our local canal[…]. A member of the public collapsed in cardiac arrest in front of us and I was able to start CPR within minutes. A PAD defib arrived which was, wait for it, a Heartsine® 500P! I got the pads on the chap and delivered a series of two shocks getting him back on the second round. He’s now in hospital and recovering well.”

Signing up your device to The Circuit can save a life, even if your offices are in rural locations.

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