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MRS Digital won three awards at the prestigious UK Search Awards 2023, including ‘Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO): Large for our work with Staffology.

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MRS Digital, Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency

Our Award-Winning SEO Work with Staffology

“They showed a great understanding of strategy and the phasing behind workstreams. It exhibited a keen awareness of the market landscape, which was effectively translated into a program that consistently delivered added value. Not only does it excel in terms of setting and budget particulars, but it also stands out as one of the most innovative approaches. It genuinely reflects the effort invested in comprehending the customer’s challenges and devising tailor-made solutions, all while working within a limited budget.

MRS Digital - UK Search Awards - Winner - Badge

Why you need specialist B2B SEO services

But why do B2B companies need specialist SEO? There are several key challenges unique to this offering:

Niche Markets

We know that B2B offerings can be very niche, targeted at specific audiences. This means research can be tougher, particularly when working with tools that cap keyword volume of searches.

Whether you’re offering a SaaS product to startups or IT services for specific sectors and locations, you need SEO specialists that can navigate granular keyword research and put together a strategy that meets your specific goals.

Nurturing lengthy sales funnels

Longer lead times and lengthy sales funnels go hand in hand with B2B. Your customers are going to do their research, check out the competition, get in touch, perform a trial or a demo, and then perhaps finally buy into your solution.

We understand this, which is why we consider how your website and the content on it serves people at different stages of the sales funnel.

E-E-A-T is key for B2B

Heard of E-E-A-T? If not, it’s important your business takes note. E-E-A-T or experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trust is something that Google cares about increasingly nowadays. Essentially, Google wants to rank content written by specialists, so considering your authors, content quality, accreditations, and awards is integral.

Interested in a specific area of SEO?

Local SEO

Do you serve local customers? Then you’ll want to make sure your SEO strategy considers local offsite and onsite tactics.

International SEO

If you have a global customer base, you’ll need an international SEO strategy that considers multilingual SEO, geo targeting and so much more.

Ecommerce SEO

Do you offer products as part of a solution-based offering? Take a look at the specifics of our ecommerce SEO service.

Integrated Search Marketing

Taking an integrated search approach with SEO and PPC means double the exposure

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Need something else?

Get in touch with one of the team at MRS Digital today and see how we can help maximise your ROI and get the results you deserve.

What’s included in our B2B SEO service?

We don’t do fixed packages at MRS. We tailor each one of our SEO strategies to meet your business’s specific goals. We consider all areas of SEO to get you the results you deserve.

SEO Audit

We always start by auditing your site, looking at each specific pillar of SEO – onsite, content, offsite and technical. This allows us to see where you are now, and where focus needs to be weighted for you to best grow organic visibility and ultimately, leads. We also look at your competition and perform a SWOT analysis of your site.

SEO Strategy & Keyword Strategy

Once we have audited your site, your competitive search landscape and your website’s current strengths and weaknesses, we will start to put together your bespoke SEO strategy. In your strategy we will cover where our weighting is on different areas of work – for instance, if your site is quite young – we may suggest more offsite SEO to start with to build up your site’s authority in the search results. This strategy will guide our work for the coming months.

We will of course also perform comprehensive B2B keyword research using a multitude of tools and manual research to form your keyword strategy.

Onsite Content Strategy

Due to the nature of B2B, it’s integral that your content serves users at different stages of their journey to keep them engaged on site. We form onsite content strategies that consider these different stages and what users are searching for to produce a content strategy that is impactful and increases your organic reach.

Outreach and Digital PR

Crafting great content is important, as is onsite targeting fundamentals and a crawlable website. Problem is – if Google doesn’t know it can trust your site and sees no other websites have referenced or linked to you, it’s unlikely Google will rank you very highly in the search results. Our offsite SEO strategies incorporate article outreach, link magnet content creation, and a unique list of industry-specific publications and existing contacts to leverage placements.

Technical SEO

The backbone of every SEO strategy – healthy technical SEO is a necessity. We’ll perform an initial technical SEO audit to understand if you have any priority fixes that need amending – from crawling and indexing issues to 404s and incorrect canonicalisation. These audits will then be repeated on a specified basis to keep oversight of any issues or areas for improvement.

In-depth Reporting

Every month, you will receive a comprehensive SEO report with all the statistics and analysis you need to know about your SEO performance so that we’re kept accountable for your success and growth over time.

Why should MRS be your next B2B SEO agency?

We take the time to properly understand your business and become an extension of your team rather than your agency. If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting now, here’s why you should get in touch with us.


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+ We’re an integrated SEO agency

We’re not just SEOs. We’re made up of a multi-disciplinary team of content writers, developers, designers, and paid experts – so whatever you need, we can help.

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+ We’re an award-winning B2B SEO agency

In 2023, we won ‘Integrated Search Agency of the Year’ at the European Agency Awards. We also won the Best Use of Search’ – B2B: Large at the UK Search Awards.

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+ We stay at the forefront of SEO…and AI

AI is here, and businesses need to be prepared for the changing landscape of search. Fortunately, we stay on top of these changes and keep our customers in the loop.

MRS Digital – European Search Awards WINNER 2024!
MRS Digital - UK Search Awards - Winner - Badge
European Agency Awards 2023 Winner Badge
European Agency Awards 2023 Silver Badge
UK Agency Awards 2023 WINNER Badge
European awards 2022 winner
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Specialist SEO platforms we use for B2B companies


Allows us to explore competitors as well as research keywords and backlinks.

B2B SEO Agency


Up-to-date keyword ranking and visibility data across devices and specific locations.

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Google Search Console

Helping us measure and report on-site health, site search traffic, and performance.

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Moz Pro

Powered by industry-leading metrics and with 20 years of heritage, Moz Pro gives us vast sets of data to validate our decisions.

B2B SEO Agency


Maps in accessibility and intelligence to give us a broader picture of what your website is doing.

B2B SEO Agency

Google Analytics 4

Gives us insight in a more customisable way and from a variety of platforms.

B2B SEO Agency

Did you know we make our own industry leading tools

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Need something else?

Get in touch with one of the team at MRS Digital today and see how we can help maximise your ROI and get the results you deserve.

B2B SEO service FAQs

Still have questions about our B2B SEO services? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions:

When will I see results?

SEO isn’t something that happens overnight – it isn’t something that can be switched on and off. Where PPC can get instant results, SEO takes longer but has longevity. It also depends on how competitive your offering is, how authoritative your site is currently, how much work is required and so on. Generally, we expect to see positive movement after a few months.

How does B2B SEO differ from B2C SEO?

B2B SEO differs from B2C in that we are often dealing with more specific, niche search and audiences that go through a longer sales funnel. Whilst B2C is usually quite to the point in its targeting and conversions are generally easier to come by, B2B targeting is a bit more complex, and as more decision-makers are involved in the process – conversions can be harder to come by.

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