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  • Search Updates – October ’23 Changes

    October is the time for tricks and treats – and this can certainly be said for the world of search this month! From unexpected core algorithm updates to awfully frightening ad-free social media, the month of October was an eventful month for those in digital marketing. Read on to learn more (if you dare) … […]

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  • Search Updates – September ’23 Changes

    Autumn has arrived, and with it, a whole host of search changes! From increased control over how AI accesses your content to further developments in the Search Generative Experience, September proves to be yet another exciting month of updates. Oh, and we can’t go on without a special mention to Google’s 25th birthday! Yes, Google […]

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  • Top 7 Benefits of Google Search Console

    Whether you’re brand new to the world of SEO or a seasoned professional, there’s no doubt that Google Search Console offers a whole host of benefits you need to be making the most of. From monitoring your visibility in the search results to understanding how Google is really reading your site, Google Search Console is […]

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  • A Guide to Google Reviews: Do They Help SEO?

    Do Google Reviews help SEO efforts? Read on to discover Google Reviews’ impact on your organic visibility, local rankings and finally, how to manage them.

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  • It’s Time to ‘Be-Real’ – The Rise of Brand Authenticity in Digital Marketing

    With photo editing available at the touch of a button, staged ‘candids’ and the ability to build an image however you choose online, the 21st century is a difficult time to be authentic. And whilst this statement is certainly no revelation, it looks like things might be changing. Authenticity is increasingly on the agenda of […]

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