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  • What Does GDPR Mean For Email Marketing in 2018?

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most impactful change to EU privacy law to hit in the last twenty years. Its broad compliance requirements will demand a lot from businesses across all markets. If you handle your customers’ personal data, GDPR affects you. No matter where personal data is sent, processed or […]

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  • What Google Knows… The General Election

    Do you know how deep the Google rabbit hole goes? The things Google knows about our purchasing behaviour, personal habits and searches is truly epic in scale, but most of the time it’s hard to see just how much impact this has. Enter Google Trends. For the uninitiated, Google Trends is a web facility based […]

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  • How Well Is Your Business Using Its Data?

    Your marketing is only as good as your data and the insight that you can get from it. Businesses of all scales create data, which when utilised effectively can be used to improve their company’s performance. What should you be doing in order to make better use of your data? Setting Up Your Web Analytics […]

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