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  • Check Out Google’s All-New Shoppable Ads

    Buying online just got a whole lot easier. Google is rolling out a new way for you to promote your products in Image Search with all-new shoppable adverts. This new ad format lets you highlight multiple products within a single ad unit, which will appear among Google Images results. If you’ve seen shoppable Instagram pictures, […]

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  • What Factors Make Up Your Quality Score?

    Confused about your Quality Scores? If you’re running a Google Ads account, you’ve probably wondered about your Quality Score and why it changes from time to time. There are a lot of factors that go into working out your Quality Score. The difference between a good and a bad score can have a direct impact […]

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  • 6 Secrets to the Perfect PPC Landing Page

    We’ve noticed that the most effective PPC landing pages share six common traits. These features are all designed to guide the user to a call to action that consistently converts. The best landing pages don’t just grab people’s attention. They offer value, reassure the customer, and are clear and easy to navigate. Most importantly, they […]

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  • How To Optimise Your Ads With Single Keyword Ad Groups [Guide]

    We’re all looking for that magic adjustment to take our PPC accounts to the next level. Sadly, there is no one-size-fits all formula. But one tactic gets more industry coverage than any other, and that is using SKAGs. What are SKAGs? SKAGs is an acronym that stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups. SKAGs refer to […]

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  • How to Choose a Flexible Bidding Strategy

    People talk about automation in PPC like it’s the coming Rapture. One day, we’ll all ascend to automated heaven and live among the digital clouds. But automation is already here! We’re living with it now in the form of Flexible Bidding Strategies. Flexible Bidding Strategies Target CPA Target ROAS Maximise for clicks Maximise for conversions […]

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  • 7 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2018

    Happy New Year from the team here at MRS! We’re looking ahead to what the future holds for digital marketing. 2018 promises to be a big year in all aspects of digital marketing. Compliance changes like GDPR are promising to transform our inboxes, while Facebook continues to amalgamate as many services as possible into its […]

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  • Google Ads Get Sneakier With New White Ad Label Tests

    Google is testing a new label for adverts once again, swapping the green “Ad” icon for a white one with green text. So far we’ve only spotted on desktop, this sneaky change helps ads look even more like organic search results. See the difference? Last summer, Google changed the ad label to its current green […]

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  • Google Adds IF Function to AdWords PPC

    Google has introduced new IF functions to AdWords that enable customised text to appear based on specific parameters. This new feature allows PPC marketers to better personalise adverts to their audience and streamline their PPC campaigns. IF functions allow you to insert a specific message in your text ad when a condition is met, and […]

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