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  • What iOS 17 means for marketers

    iOS 17 brought an interesting change for marketers with the removal of certain tracking strings on URLs, including GCLID and anything personally identifiable. Discover what this means for you.

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  • Stores, Sites and Black Friday Sales – Why Black Friday might not be plain Sale-ing.

    If you’ve been on the internet over the last week, you will have seen at least one notification for a Black Friday weekend sale. It’s become hard to ignore through everyday browsing. Is Black Friday still having the impact on sales for retailers as it once did, and if so, who and why? We’ll get […]

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  • How to Optimise Performance Max Campaigns Like a PRO

    Performance Max (PMax) is the machine-learning-powered campaign type from Google Ads. Utilising the incredible scope of power Google has, Performance Max can help you reach your ideal customer at the perfect time. Here at MRS Digital, our team of PPC experts have been optimising with PMax since it was launched in November 2021. Alongside our […]

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  • How to Change Your Site Name and Favicon in Mobile SERP

    Google has changed the mobile SERPs again – we’ll show you how to easily set your site name and favicon in the search result snippets.

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  • Google SERP Changes 2020 – A Brief History & Cautionary Tale

    It’s no secret Google likes to change up its search engine results pages – in fact it’s common to see experiments being tested frequently. Whether it’s to adapt to the changing ways users are searching or to increase click through on their ads, one thing’s for sure – when it comes to SEO, we need to evolve to keep up.  Most significantly […]

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  • Breaking News: Google Shopping will be Free in the UK and Beyond

    In April 2020, as a response to a panicking retail market, Google announced that Google Shopping would open free listings for U.S. merchants. From their President of Commerce, Bill Ready’s update “It’s now free to sell on Google” captured the new move from the search giant after stores shuttered nationwide.   After this large shift by Google to restructure […]

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  • Google Search Terms Report Now Includes 34% Less Data

    On September 2nd, PPC marketers were met with an unforeseen memo in Google Ads: This tiny notice was all that was provided by Google to inform users of a major change in their reporting. PPC advertisers across the board had no prior knowledge of the change, meaning all of a sudden their insights into their […]

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  • Marketing During Coronavirus: Maximise Your PPC Strategy (TIPS)

    Many businesses are now facing unprecedented challenges from every angle, including marketing which is one area that business owners tend to cut first. But is that really the right choice? Regardless the industry you are in, there are two scenarios on how you can approach PPC at the moment:  Pause everything, save the investment for […]

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  • Are Close Variant Keywords Wasting Your Budget?

    A Brief History of Ads & Exact Match Keywords Many years ago, ‘exact match’ keyword targetting was exactly that – exact match targetting. A user’s query had to match your specified keyword exactly as you had written it. As time went on, Google and Microsoft Advertising (Bing) introduced ‘close variants’. On Google specifically, their inception […]

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