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1st April 2017
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Introducing… MRS Link Juice

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Stimulate. Energise. Optimise with…

Introducing MRS Link Juice, our all-new, high energy juice drink developed exclusively for SEO professionals.

After five years of development, our in-house team of expert Search Mixologists have developed the perfect recipe guaranteed to put the fizz back into your link building.

MRS Link Juice contains 100% pure link juice, naturally sourced from the Serchoptomese River and infused with our patented mix of high octane, premium grade additives and substitutes.

Contains: BS (10%), Torene (40%), BH (30%,) KWDs (12%), Focusin (18%) – That’s right! MRS Link Juice always gives 110%.

So if your digital marketers are lazy, disaffected and lonely, give them MRS Link Juice and see the difference!* MRS Link Juice is guaranteed to give them the get up and go they need to help you achieve YOUR business goals.**


MRS Link Juice. Totally Farmed, No Authority

Coming soon! MRS Link Juice for your dog!

Available in no good retailers near you. Ever.

*Side effects likely to include rash, spontaneous change in hair colour and uncontrollable laugher
**Results may not align to your business needs

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