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5th January 2021
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Our End-of-Year Roundup 2020

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2020 was not exactly the year we had expected, but we came out the other end stronger, and more positive than ever. Although we battled through the global pandemic, and still continue to do so, it was a year of many achievements and celebrations, including MRS’ 20th birthday.

After another 365 days of hard work from MRS’ passionate and dedicated team, we come out thriving as we enter 2021. We have some great achievements to look back on from 2020, including our 9 shortlists and 2 prestigious award wins. Our work was recognised in the win of Best Local Campaign (PPC) and Best Small PPC Agency (runner up) that were awarded by the UK Search Awards. This was such a fantastic achievement for MRS.

2021 holds many more exciting, new opportunities for MRS.  We’re incredibly grateful for all of our lovely clients. Let’s work together to fill the year with creativity, marketing excellence and meaningful success in the face of adversity.

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