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MRS Secures 10 Shortlists and Wins Four Prestigious Awards

UK Biddable Media Awards – Local Campaign Of The Year Winner

We’re UK Biddable Award Winners from MRS Digital.

The UK Biddable Media Awards recognise, celebrate, and reward the contribution that paid advertising makes to shaping the future of advertising sales, media planning and to the overall success and profits of businesses.  

We’re over the moon to announce our ‘23 Local Campaigns in One’ project has won the prestigious ‘Local Campaign of the Year’ award. It’s testament to our team’s relentless precision and ability to combine multiple accounts into one successful campaign, providing the client with an increase of 178% YoY lead generation (June 2019 vs 2020.)  

A tricky, technical yet creative area of any business, biddable media requires strategic attention to detail.  The UK Biddable Media Awards are therefore shining a light on the campaigns, strategies, teams and individuals that are providing exponential sales and growth to businesses of all sizes to ensure business booms.

Best Business Women Awards – ‘Best Business’ Winner  

This month, we are delighted to announce another win for MRS. At this year’s Best Business Women Awards, Carol received the award for ‘Best Business’. Having also reached the final last year, it was great to achieve a win in the ‘Best Business’ category. We are extremely proud! 

The Best Business Women Awards are all about empowering women in business and highlighting those achieving great things across many verticals. Running a business is never easy, and these awards celebrate the women who have made a real impact in their industry. These entrepreneurial business awards recognise women across a wide range of business categories. 

What Carol had to say:  

“I am so proud to receive the “Best Business” Best Business Women Award and to be part of such a prestigious group. It is thoroughly appreciated during a year of obstacles within business as a whole.  This award is not just for me, but for all the people and work that we do at MRS Digital – we are filled to the core with a passion for the digital stratosphere transforming our world today.  Thank you”

UK Search Awards – Best Local Campaign (PPC) Winner & Best Small PPC Agency Runner Up

This is the big one! The UK Search Awards celebrates the crème de le crème of UK search marketing. Both in-house marketing teams and agencies compete for these much-coveted accolades.

Outstanding SEO or PPC results alone simply won’t cut it here – the UK Search Awards are only won by marketers that are truly pushing the envelope. Think technological innovation, pioneering techniques or best in business creativity.

This is the second year that we’ve entered the UK Search Awards and the second year we’ve been shortlisted in multiple categories. We only entered two categories this time around, but we’re proud to say we’ve been shortlisted for both.

Best Local Campaign (PPC)” – Winner

This award recognises a campaign that exemplifies how to use PPC on a local level. Search engines and searchers demand results that are as exactly tailored to their unique circumstances – including their location. The winner of this award will not only have produced incredible results, but done it in a way that uses the most advanced local PPC practice to create perfectly personalised advertising.

“Best Small PPC Agency” – Runner up

This award speaks for itself. With over 25,000 marketing companies in the UK, even being shortlisted as one of the best PPC agencies is no mean feat. Along with the Best Small SEO Agency, this is the most heavily contested category in the UK Search Awards. The winner of this award will not only have displayed success as a growing business with great company culture, but will be an agency demonstrating creative implementations and achieving excellent ROI for their clients.

This year has been filled with unprecedented challenge and change for all businesses across most industries. Braving these new challenges, a digital agency like MRS has adapted creatively to rise to the new, often uncertain, circumstances 2020 has brought to the table. Driven as ever, and with exceptional determination from our team, we have come through it thriving. A big cause for celebration for us this year are the awards we have been shortlisted for and won. Read on to find out about all the awards we’ve been involved in this 2020.

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SME Awards – Finalist

The SME National Business Awards are for businesses with250 employees max, Award winners are responsible for ‘driving innovation and competition in many economic sectors.’ The SME awards have been running for four years and we’re over the moon to have been shortlisted for three different categories this year. It’s an honour to make the SME Award finals and we wish everyone involved the best of luck.

“Employer of the Year”

The winner of Employer Of the Year will demonstrate how you as an employer look after your people so they take care of your business.

“Family Business of the Year”

The winners of Family Business of the Year will be combining their passion in business with their shared family values. Your business may have been passed down to you or you have started a business to pass on to your children in the future. The judges will be looking at how you can grow your business while still keeping your core family values at the centre of everything you do.

“Service Excellence

The winner of this category will give outstanding assistance and advice to those who buy or use the business or organisation’s products or services. They will be able to provide customer testimonials to back up their submission.

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National Business Women’s Awards – Finalist

The National Business Women’s Awards are made up of 19 categories that allow any successful business in the UK to enter these well-known and prestigious awards. Last year, we secured three awards from the National Business Women’s Award and we’re so excited to have the opportunity to do so again. All entries are judged by up to four of their national panel of judges. The pinnacle of the awards is the Grand Awards Celebration in October 2020.

Service Excellence

The winner of this category will give outstanding assistance and advice to those who buy or use the business or organisation’s products or services. They will be able to provide customer testimonials to back up their submission.

“Lifetime Achievement”

This award will be presented to a woman who throughout her career has supported and equipped women in their sector to progress and accomplish significant achievements.

Business Woman of the Year (Small)

This category will honour inspiring innovators and visionaries. This category is open to business leaders who have achieved accomplishments of significance over their career. Nominees will possess qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership and demonstrate their commitment to gender diversity.

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Best Business Women Awards – Finalist

The Best Business Women Awards are all about recognising great women in the business community! Any business woman based in the UK who runs her own company is eligible to enter. The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but in many cases also juggle the needs of their families. These entrepreneurial business awards are there to recognise those women across a wide range of business categories.

The Awards were created by Debbie Gilbert, a multi award winning entrepreneur who has been running a business since 1999. She knows first-hand the huge impact of winning business awards and believes that women who have started and are running a business should be truly recognised for their achievements. We have been shortlisted for the following three categories.

Best Business

Best Boss

“Marketing and PR”

Biz Surrey and Hampshire Biz Awards 2020 – Winner

Earlier this year our director Carol, was recognised by Eagle Radio in their Surrey and Hampshire Biz Awards 2020. She was given the Leadership award, which recognises entrants that demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and innovation, proving they had led real change within a company. On top of this, entrants needed to demonstrate an exemplary management style and give examples of how they have motivated and rewarded their team.

Carol Blackford-Mills, Managing Director at MRS Digital, said “It is incredible to win this Leadership award. Having founded and run MRS Digital for the past 20 years, to be recognised for something that I enjoy every day is all that I need.

I am lucky to be surrounded by exceptional people who are driven by the work that we do together, we are nothing but excited by our achievements.

Challenges join us, but each challenge we overcome allows us to learn our craft even deeper. Every single one of us at MRS is focused on achieving the best that we can for our customers, whilst always enjoying what we do.”

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It’s such an honour to see our business being recognised for all of these exciting awards throughout the difficulties 2020 has sent our way MRS Digital is here to thrive and overcome and we hope to encourage other businesses to do exactly the same.

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