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There’s SEO, and then there’s automotive SEO.

Whether you’re within automative aftermarket modification, manufacture, retail, rental, insurance or are a car dealer within the industry, we’ll get your SEO into sixth gear.

The automotive industry is a competitive one, and the search race is just as fiercely run. We’ll get you from looking out of your windscreen at your competitors to looking in your wing mirrors as you overtake them in the search results.

MRS Digital, Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency

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MRS Digital won three awards at the prestigious UK Search Awards 2023, including ‘Best Use of Search’ – Automotive: Large.

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Our Award-Winning SEO Work with Keith Michaels


average YOY increase in organic sessions for the past 9 years


Organic ranking keywords in the UK


increase in organic conversions in 2023 YoY

Automotive SEO Agency

MRS Digital - UK Search Awards - Winner - Badge

“We were highly impressed by the holistic approach that seamlessly merged organic search with offsite strategies, all firmly rooted in data-driven decision-making. They possess a deep understanding of their specialist audience and how to effectively engage with them, including through user-generated content. Their approach was well-rounded and well-documented, with clear objectives, the strategies employed to achieve them, and a transparent discussion of the challenges faced. We extend our congratulations on the outstanding results.”

Why you need specialist automotive SEO to drive your business forward

Our approach to SEO is bespoke for every automotive business. We look at your past performance, current performance, competitors’ performance, and your specific search landscape to formulate an impactful strategy that gets you results.

But why does an automotive company like yours need specialist SEO? There are a number of key unique challenges:

Intense competition

The automotive industry, whether car sales, insurance, or a more niche peripheral, is a hugely competitive one. A standard SEO approach won’t deliver you the results you need for your business to thrive – you need a specialist agency that understands what it takes to be truly competitive.

Specialist subject area

Cars are complex engineered performance machines. To be a car expert, it takes more than a few searches online. We’ve got expertise at MRS Digital from insurance to petrol retail and automotive engineering. The work you’re getting is being produced and reviewed by people who get it.

Lengthy sales funnels

Selling a new car doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, likewise neither does the decision to sign up to a car detailing maintenance program.

Your potential customers are out there looking for answers and solutions, but if your competitor gets there first then you’ve missed out. They’ll want to know what the best option is for them, what they can, or need, to afford and how what you provide is the right option.


Car dealers, garages, body shops, and part specialists all rely heavily on local traffic. If you operate a chain, then you need to be sure that you’re getting the right people to the relevant locations. SEO will ensure that people from Bristol aren’t served information about a car dealer in Lincolnshire when you’ve got another garage down the road.

Financial implications

Google wants to make sure that any financial products, like car financing or insurance, are from legitimate sources. We can help you to show Google and other search engines that you meet E-E-A-T and is approved and overseen by professionals.

Interested in a specific area of SEO?

Local SEO

Do you serve specific localised areas? Then you’ll want to make sure your SEO strategy takes into account all the local signals and is optimised for people near you to find.

International SEO

Is your customer base spread across the globe? You’ll need an international SEO strategy that takes into account multilingual SEO, geo targeting and so much more.

eCommerce SEO Service

Do you sell car parts or accessories online? Then our Ecommerce SEO service is perfect for you. We’ll get your products out there in a way that search engines love.

Integrated Search Marketing

Double the service, double the impact. An integrated search approach covers the whole funnel, no matter where someone is on their purchasing journey.

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Need something else?

Get in touch with one of the team at MRS Digital today and see how we can help maximise your ROI and get the results you deserve.

What’s included in our automotive SEO service?

All of our SEO work is tailored to your business’s specific needs and goals, and so the weighting of specific parts of SEO will depend on a number of factors. We don’t provide fixed packages, but you can expect to see work from us including some or all of the following:

SEO Audit

We audit your website to understand how all pillars of SEO are performing – from content to technical. We’ll see how you stack up against the competition and identify your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. No decision is worth making without the data to back it up, so we get the data we need before we strategize.

SEO Strategy & Keyword Strategy

Once we’ve got the data and have analysed your website and your unique search landscape, we come up with a plan of action. We’ll take into consideration your goals and what your competitors are doing. You’ll get a comprehensive, bespoke SEO strategy, alongside a keyword strategy with assignment.

Onsite Content Strategy

We know you’ve got target keyword goals, and quality, in-depth and intent-matched content is going to help you achieve them. Whether we’re writing about Wankel rotary engines or the best paint colour for your car, our content will help to deliver you new leads and more traffic. We tailor content from the top-of-the-funnel to the bottom.

Outreach and Digital PR

While great onsite content is one element of SEO, getting your content seen by new audiences and demonstrating expertise in relevant offsite publications is another part. You need the authoritativeness to rank those higher positions in the search results – and there’s no better way to build that than by having established websites link to you. Our PR experts will get you placements in leading industry publications.

Technical SEO

Are you certain your site is fully accessible to Google’s search crawlers? Do you know if your site has broken links or slow loading pages? If you don’t have the foundations of technical SEO in place, even Pulitzer winning content won’t be able to reach the top of the search results. A good site is more than just one that works – it’s also about ensuring the user has a great experience on site and Google can easily access it.

In-depth Reporting

At the end of every month, your account manager will send you a comprehensive report with all the statistics and analysis you need to know about your SEO performance so that we’re held accountable for your success.

Why should MRS be your next automotive SEO agency? 

We’re a data-driven, creative-thinking, multi-disciplinary team that knows SEO and the automotive industry like the back of our hand. We take our years of experience to craft an SEO approach that works for you.


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+ We have a genuine passion for motoring

Our team is made up of petrolheads, car insurance buffs, F1 fanatics and even petrol retail pros. We’re not just saying it for the sake of it, we’re a company of car lovers.

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+ We’re an award-winning integrated search agency

In 2023, we won ‘Integrated Search Agency of the Year’ at the European Agency Awards. We also won the Best Use of Search’ – Automotive: Large at the UK Search Awards.

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+ We stay at the forefront of SEO

We’re ready for the changing landscape of SEO and whatever AI will bring. We’ve weathered every Google algorithm storm before, so we’re here and ready to stand firm.

MRS Digital - UK Search Awards - Winner - Badge
European Agency Awards 2023 Winner Badge
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MRS Digital Awards UK Agency Awards 2021 –Winner
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Specialist SEO platforms we use for automotive companies


Allows us to explore competitors as well as research keywords and backlinks.

Automotive SEO Agency


Up-to-date keyword ranking and visibility data across devices and specific locations

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Google Search Console

Helping us measure and report on site health, site search traffic, and performance.

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Moz Pro

Powered by industry-leading metrics and with 20 years of heritage, Moz Pro gives us vast sets of data to validate our decisions.

Automotive SEO Agency


Maps in accessibility and intelligence to give us a broader picture of what your website is doing. 

Automotive SEO Agency

Google Analytics 4

Gives us insight in a more customisable way and from a variety of platforms.

Automotive SEO Agency

Did you know we make our own industry leading tools

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Need something else?

Get in touch with one of the team at MRS Digital today and see how we can help maximise your ROI and get the results you deserve.

Automotive SEO service FAQs

Still have questions about our automotive SEO services? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions:

Why do I need specialist SEO in the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is highly competitive in the search engine results, and so you need proven experts who can help you to identify the specific steps you need to take to break into those top positions.

When do I start to see results?

SEO isn’t something that you can turn the key on and hear the engine roar immediately. It’s more like applying performance upgrades to a car. You make changes and then over time, you get the results. At MRS, we focus our SEO strategies on areas we know will drive your business tangible value.

Do I need vehicle listing schema?

For car dealerships, having vehicle listing schema can help you to provide a more helpful response to a user. Schema setups can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with how it works, which is where an automotive SEO agency can be hugely beneficial.  

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