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Online PR combines a number of SEO techniques to help you increase your online presence while improving brand recognition. The main focus of online PR is relationship building with influencers. The goal of these relationships is to get your brand in front of a larger audience and build valuable links back to your website.

Online PR goes further than just link acquisition. Although it will often result in a link won, online PR looks at the value associated with other aspects and channels within outreach. For example, the value of one tweet by an industry leader to a highly relevant audience of hundreds of thousands will often be more powerful for your brand than a single backlink.

However, online PR is often a more time intensive process than standalone link acquisition and requires real expertise in managing relationships and expectations. We handle the prospecting and contacting of industry influencers to get your product or service placed in front of relevant audiences. This raises brand awareness and can drive considerable traffic and conversions to your website.

Being Social

Most brands and businesses see and understand the value in managing their own social media presence. But what about the conversation that goes on external to your feed? Do you know what’s being said about you elsewhere in the social media landscape? We employ social listening tools and networks’ own search functionalities to allow us to find out what is being said about you to allow us to take appropriate action. This can range from responding to a complaint, thanking someone for their positive feedback or re-sharing an authoritative mention of your brand or website.

We also use the power of social networks to increase the exposure and reach of your content by utilising hashtags and getting involved in relevant conversations. This is just as effective externally to classic social networks too. By involving your brand in relevant discussions on forums and other discussion sites you can see interest in your product or service snowball as more and more people start to talk about it. The signals sent by this discussion and sharing of your information across social media are also indexed by search engines and taken into account when they decide where to rank your website.

Channel Utilisation

There are more channels available than ever before for reaching influencers and, as a result, getting your brand mentioned. We appreciate the value attributed to each digital marketing channel and consider metrics such as audience numbers, frequency of posting and online engagement when we pinpoint relevant influencers worth working with. We also consider the type of content that is best for specific channels to ensure you get the most value from each online interaction.

Full consideration of all these metrics, and the fact that any work required is carried out by our design, development and marketing teams in-house, ensure a seamless experience that drives the most value from any online PR we do. For example, which do you think would be more effective? A correctly hashtagged tweet that drives a potential customer to a carefully crafted landing page that offers a promotion or, just a tweet? It’s this optimisation of the whole experience that sets our online pr service apart.

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