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  • It’s Time to ‘Be-Real’ – The Rise of Brand Authenticity in Digital Marketing

    With photo editing available at the touch of a button, staged ‘candids’ and the ability to build an image however you choose online, the 21st century is a difficult time to be authentic. And whilst this statement is certainly no revelation, it looks like things might be changing. Authenticity is increasingly on the agenda of […]

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  • A Guide to Title Tags & Their Importance for SEO in 2023

    Title tags are still an important SEO factor in 2023. Discover why and what you can do to optimise your title tags with our handy guide…

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  • Google Search Updates – February ‘22 Changes

    Are you wondering what happened in search in February 2022? In our latest roundup, we cover the recent news and headlines in SEO & PPC that impact your website.

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  • Are Website Pop-Ups Bad for SEO in 2023?

    Are pop-ups bad for your site’s SEO? Our blog post measures the impact of intrusive interstitials, pop-ups and banners, looking at how they affect your SEO.

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  • Bing Ranking Factors: What Can We Learn?

    With SEO, it’s likely you know the basics. You understand the importance of relevant optimised content, a great page experience, and authoritative backlinks acquired naturally. However, when it comes to ranking your website in Bing specifically, do you know the key differences compared to Google? Well, fortunately for you, Bing has published its ‘Bing Webmaster Guidelines’ […]

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  • What Are Zero-Click Searches and Why Should You Care?

    Zero-click searches are queries that users input within a search engine that don’t lead to a click on a web property. Discover why they occur and their impact.

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  • Search Updates April 2021

    In our monthly search update blog, we’ll outline the main updates and changes within search for that month, whether they’re minor or major. This month, we’ve seen some important updates, including the postpone of the Google Page Experience Update, the evolution of zero-click search, and more, read on to discover more on this month’s updates. […]

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  • What Happened on Social Media in March 2021? 

    Facebook Updates March 2021 Facebook is Working on an Instagram for Kids  Facebook is reportedly working on a new version of Instagram, specifically designed for kids. Instagram currently blocks any users under the age of 13 from signing up to create an account, although many children are joining the app and lying about their ages. This is so common in fact, […]

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  • What Happened on Social Media in January 2021? 

    Our social round-up is back and better than ever in 2021 and a few of our favourite channels are making changes again to their platforms this month, including minor tweaks to major updates. From Twitter re-branding itself after five years of enjoying the same, steady design, to LinkedIn’s Story new Swipe-Up feature, and Facebook’s various rollouts, 2021 has been off to a busy start.   Read on to discover how the social channels have developed so far in 2021…   Facebook Updates January 2021    Facebook Begins Rolling Out ‘Facebook […]

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