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There are many factors that contribute to your website’s authority and search ranking, link acquisition being one of the crucial elements. It’s a fact – Google confirmed back in 2016 that content and links were jointly the most important ranking factors of a website. So, if you haven’t considered link acquisition before, you really should.

At MRS Digital, we know what makes a good, ethical link and what doesn’t. Link acquisition is an aspect of SEO that has been associated with being one of the more controversial methods in the past, with a rich history of ‘link building’ involving paid link schemes in a time where link quantity ruled over quality.

Times have changed. An elusive penguin waddled into 2012 and changed the way SEOs worked dramatically. You may or may not know that Google changes their search algorithms frequently to deliver you, a user, the best, most relevant results in search – these are known as updates.

Bespoke Is Our Middle Name

A successful SEO campaign is founded on a strong, reciprocal relationship with our clients. Every SEO campaign we launch is unique to each client, built from the ground up to meet your specific business goals. We marry exemplary technical knowledge, cutting edge content creation, high quality link acquisition and other key SEO disciplines to deliver SEO campaigns that make a real difference to your business.

Every business works in its own market, has its own goals and has its own unique approach to how it works. That’s why every single one of our SEO campaigns is built bespoke, from the ground up, to help businesses and brands like yours meet their online aims. We truly believe that the better we know and understand your business the more effectively we can take it to the online market. Our mantra of becoming an extension of your brand isn’t meaningless and actually permeates through our entire SEO campaign build and implementation.

We don't need to outsource your SEO campaign. Our in-house team of experienced digital professionals have all the skills to cover all disciplines. From keyword strategies to offsite SEO and outreach, we handle everything under one roof. Only with all the assets under one roof can we build a truly bespoke SEO campaign. The result of all this? An intelligent, multi-platform campaign that results in long term SEO growth.

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Please don't feed the penguin

Google’s ‘Penguin’ Update is a well known algorithm update which targets websites using web spam techniques to benefit their ranking positions. When Google’s Penguin Update first arrived, if you were found to be obtaining links through purchasing schemes or networks, you were slapped with a penalty (a negative impact on rankings) and a warning to remove spammy links that had no relevance or were set up purely for the job of passing authority to a site. Bought links from this point forward no longer benefitted your website.


Today, Google no longer has named updates. This is because algorithm updates such as Google Penguin are part of its core algorithm and so, ‘updates’ roll out in real time. One key change is that Google no longer penalises websites that build spammy links, instead, Google will devalue/ignore any links it deems as spammy or unnatural – giving no incentive for black hat link builders to create them in the first place. This benefits those who have acquired genuine, relevant links. Or work with an agency who do the hard work for them.

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The journey to a squeaky clean, custom backlink profile

One of the first steps to finding golden link opportunities is to look at those around you, namely your competitors, to identify potential backlink opportunities. Link audits should be the first part of the link acquisition process; we work closely with you to understand your business, investigating not only the link profiles of those in your industry, but your own website as well.

The next path in your journey involves acquiring ethical, authoritative links – not a quick task – but that’s what makes them so worthwhile.


We only build you links that matter and that are of the highest relevance. Part of the process of gaining quality links is the creation and implementation of big content such as Infographics, sharable quizzes and a variety of other interactive pieces. Adding links to endless, low authority directories is not how we operate as a link acquisition agency.

At MRS Digital, our in house design team and content writers have the experience to effortlessly bring big content concepts to life. Still have questions? Take a look at our link acquisition FAQs.

Acquiring links that matter – how we make it happen

Opportunity Identification

We first identify any links worth pursuing using specialist SEO software and our own thorough research of your industry.

Content Creation/Adaptation

Next, we go about creating the content that others would want to link to.


We know how and who to reach out to to maximise the chances of getting a good link placed.


Maintaining a high quality link profile is a never ending task. We consistently work hard to maintain your link profile and build strong relationships with relevant connections to ensure a constant acquisition of powerful and ethical links.


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