Campaign Development

Applications that support digital campaigns

Get support for your marketing with web applications for digital campaigns. Built to be scalable and accessed across multiple devices, our campaign development services take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

We specialise in creating unique experiences that enhance your online presence, drive engagement and level up your digital marketing.

Built using robust online systems, our web applications are designed to make your digital campaigns more engaging and more valuable to you and your audience.

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Developing for Campaigns

Your customers expect more from their online experiences. They want to be wowed. They want meaningful experiences from their interactions.

Technology is providing more and more opportunities to deliver experiences that transform customers into brand devotees. These are the experiences people expect from brands in exchange for their loyalty.

To give your digital campaign serious impact you must engage your target market with journeys that resonate and keep them coming back for more. The key to this is interactivity and user participation.

Using our extensive systems development experience, combined with our cutting edge digital marketing skills, we create platforms that are highly visible and drive user engagement. Depending on your goals, we can increase brand awareness, improve product uptake and even drive physical footfall.

  • Stable framework – In order to deliver reliable experiences, no matter what.
  • Speed & Quality – High fidelity experiences consumers expect.
  • Engaging Digital Applications – Built to support your wider marketing campaigns
  • Shareable – To ensure market penetration and viral responses.

Social Integration

To give your campaign the power to go viral, our campaign applications are seamlessly integrated with the leading social media platforms.

Marketing is all about getting people talking about your brand. Our development applications are designed with the look and functionality that makes them naturally shareable. We will get people talking about you.

By leveraging social integration, we allow your audience to create accounts using their social media profiles in order to provide them with a personalised experience.

This also allows you to link your digital marketing activity to your wider marketing mix. This creates a unified, multi-platform experience that reaches a diverse audience that is easily trackable to measure success.

This also enables powerful sharing functionality that not only makes your content go further, but allows you to track shares and engagement with ease.

  • Full Social Integration – Cross-platform functionality that makes you go viral.
  • Rich Functionality – Delivering a seamless experience, regardless of platform.
  • Personalised Experience – Engages the user and makes them invested in your brand.

Just a Sample of the Fantastic Campaign Development Results We Achieve

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Registered nationwide users

“Used by over 600 pubs, our platform helped businesses increase footfall and raise brand awareness.”

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Lead conversions

Our digital platform supported a campaign that delivered lasting results and opportunities for future remarketing.

Why Choose MRS for Your Campaign Development?

As a full service digital agency, our devs work alongside our in-house design and marketing teams. This enables us to provide a digital development service that covers all angles. From building a platform robust enough to handle vast exposure to motivating user actions that add business value, we’ve got it covered.

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+ Stable Campaign Platforms

To provide a flawless user experience, our test-driven development and processes ensure that every aspect of your system works independently and as a whole.

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+ Viral Reach

To make your digital campaigns go further, our marketing team will create supporting strategies for everything from your social media to brand advertising to maximise engagement.

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+ Experiences You Never Forget

We take the time to understand your audience and their needs. This allows us to build bespoke experiences that speak to your customers.

“The MRS team demonstrated brilliant creative thinking to deliver fun, engaging campaigns.”

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Data Capture

Successful digital campaigns don’t just provide ROI, but also return valuable data for use in future campaigns. Our campaign development projects include ways to capture user behaviour, personal data and social metrics

This enables you to measure the success of your digital campaign and make data-driven business decisions for your future marketing. Our data capture techniques are ethical in their approach and compliant with GDPR.


We design digital solutions so your brand can tell its story and create genuine user engagement. We use gamification to encourage users to engage with your campaign.

We look at what will best engage your users and craft an experience that resonates throughout your user base using gamification techniques. This can include progression systems, collectibles and unlockable content.

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