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Brighton SEO April 2016 Roundup – With Slides

Brighton SEO 2016 saw around 2000 delegates flocking to the coast to build their knowledge in all aspects of search engine marketing.

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this year, we’ve rounded up the key talks and messages below…

Future Proof

1) Nicola Stott – How Generation Z is Driving Change in Search UX – Slide Share

2) Mel Carson – Discoverable, Shareable & Memorable

3. Rob Buccci – Deep Diving into Featured Snippets – Slide Share

Deep diving into featured snippets: How to earn more and rise to the top. from Rob Bucci


1. Ranking Factors Reloaded – Why Content is Your Key to Success

Ranking Factors Reloaded Slides

2. Link Know-How – 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Links – Christoph Cemper


1. Jon Earnshaw – How to Fix any SEO problem – Slide Share

How to fix any SEO problem | Brighton SEO April 2016 | Pi Datametrics from Jon Earnshaw

2. Lisa Myers & James Finlayson – Why SEO Needs to Get Emotional

Why SEO needs to get Emotional #BrightonSEO from Lisa Myers

3. Gregg Gifford – Marketing to Local Customers – Slide Share

Marketing to Local Customers: Moving Beyond Local SEO to Win the Race from Greg Gifford

Content Strategy

1. Laura Hampton – How to Build Useful Audience Personas – Slide Share

How to develop your audience personas and build content strategies for them. from Ian Robins

2. Mike Essex – How to Turn Your Employees Into Your Greatest Marketers

< How to make every employee part of your marketing team (BrightonSEO April 2016) – Internal Communications from Mike Essex

3. Hannah Butcher – Hello my name is blogger, don’t make me mad!

Hello My Name is Blogger – BrightonSEO slides by Hannah Butcher – April 2016 from White.net


1. Natalie Nahai – Creating Persuasive Content

Nathalie Nahai – Psychology of persuasive content (Feverbee Sprint) from Nathalie Nahai



Brighton SEO April 2016 once again offered us a wider insight into all things SEO – we can’t wait to see what the next Brighton SEO event brings to the table.

Look who’s talking…

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