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  • Black Friday or Bust

    Can you really afford not to do Black Friday? This Black Friday weekend, we’ll be spending more over a longer period than ever before. If you run an ecommerce site, you need to up your game to do well during the 2017 Black Friday season. The clocks have gone back, Halloween is out of the […]

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  • 6 Lessons We Learned From Black Friday 2016

    To prepare for Black Friday 2017, here are some of the lessons we learned for our ecommerce clients  from last year. Black Friday is now the biggest shopping period of the year. This November, we’re predicted to spend £7 billion over Black Friday. That’s the kind of action no ecommerce business can afford to miss. Forget your […]

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  • Get Your Mailing List Compliant In 2018 With A Re-Permission Campaign

    Worried that you’ll have to scrap your email lists with GDPR? Add a re-permission element to your next email campaign! If you haven’t heard about how GDPR will impact marketing, here are the basics… 75% of UK marketing data could be made obsolete by GDPR From the 25th May 2018, the following rules apply to […]

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  • 5 Easy Ways To Make B2B Content More Shareable

    Not Everybody Bakes for a Living! Let’s get straight to the point. You work in a niche B2B industry. You’re looking to increase your engagement and the number of backlinks to your website’s content. You’re frustrated, it seems easy for those in the B2C arena – you see examples churning out a few glossy, mouth-watering […]

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  • “Do I Really Need An SSL?” Yes. Yes You Do.

    Lots of people in the web industry are talking about the need for SSLs for HTTP web pages with forms on them. This extra layer of security started out as a “belt and braces” option for websites wishing to display an added element of trust to their customers. But now, Google is leading the charge […]

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  • Are You Using These 8 New Google My Business Features?

    Google have been rolling out some further features to Google My Business listings recently, meaning there’s more information available to display than ever. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you’re making use of some of these awesome features! Google Posts You may have heard about the recent launch of Google Posts, these posts sit […]

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  • Hey Alexa, How Do I Optimise For Voice Search?

    5 years ago, asking computers a question directly was the stuff of sci-fi. Today, there are 33 million voice-first devices in global circulation[1]. Voice search has the potential to have a huge affect on mobile and local search moving forward. Are you ready? In this blog we will provide practical insights on how voice search […]

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  • Social Media For Business – An FAQ

    Social media is an extremely powerful tool. The number of active social media users now stands at 2.789 billion. That’s an enormous pool of potential engagement that you can pull from for your brand. But how do you tap into that? How do you find your target audience and keep them interested in your brand? […]

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  • Why You Should Keep WordPress Up To Date

    Every day, 500 new sites are being created using WordPress. That’s a huge number of sites that need to be kept secure and free from bugs. Because WordPress is an open source community, developers are in charge of keeping it in tip-top condition and ensuring that it complies with the latest industry standards. It’s these developers […]

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