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  • Can You Get on the First Page of Google in 24 Hours?

    Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or new to the world of search engine optimisation, getting onto the first page of Google is undoubtedly a big part of the job! Getting your site, or your client’s site, onto that first page of the search results is invaluable for growing organic visibility. It’s no wonder so […]

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  • How to React to Google Algorithm Updates

    Google makes thousands of changes to its search algorithms each year to ensure that people are experiencing the most helpful and accurate search results. Some updates are small and can go virtually undetected, while others amount to bigger shake-ups of the search engine results pages (SERPs) that have big implications for those in the SEO […]

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  • Navigating the Google Consent Mode V2 Deadline: A Guide for Advertisers

    The digital marketing frontier is constantly evolving, with hundreds of minor rippling updates flowing through the landscape every week, having little effect on both the consumer and advertiser. However, every now and then a wave appears, and they are getting more and more frequent as of late, with GDPR, iOS Privacy updates, GA4 Migration, 3rd […]

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  • Search Round Up November 2023

    November was a HUGE month for changes in the SERPs, with Google throwing in more spanners than a mechanic’s toolbox. Read on for more!

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  • Search Updates – October ’23 Changes

    October is the time for tricks and treats – and this can certainly be said for the world of search this month! From unexpected core algorithm updates to awfully frightening ad-free social media, the month of October was an eventful month for those in digital marketing. Read on to learn more (if you dare) … […]

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  • How to Optimise Performance Max Campaigns Like a PRO

    Performance Max (PMax) is the machine-learning-powered campaign type from Google Ads. Utilising the incredible scope of power Google has, Performance Max can help you reach your ideal customer at the perfect time. Here at MRS Digital, our team of PPC experts have been optimising with PMax since it was launched in November 2021. Alongside our […]

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  • Search Updates – September ’23 Changes

    Autumn has arrived, and with it, a whole host of search changes! From increased control over how AI accesses your content to further developments in the Search Generative Experience, September proves to be yet another exciting month of updates. Oh, and we can’t go on without a special mention to Google’s 25th birthday! Yes, Google […]

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  • How to Grant Access to Google Ads + Microsoft Ads

    Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are all key parts of paid advertising, specifically paid search and paid social media advertising. If you’re about to embark on a paid advertising journey, then you’ll want to share access to your PPC (Pay Per Click) ad accounts with a new partner or agency, like us! Here’s how you […]

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  • How to Grant Access to Google Search Console (WITH VIDEO)

    Google Search Console is where you can find Google search-related information for your websites, from queries driving clicks to how many of your webpages are indexed in Google. For SEO professionals, having access to a client’s Google Search Console is important to gain maximum insight. If you’ve had Search Console set up by somebody else, […]

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