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  • The Impact of Facebook’s 2bn Users

    Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users! So just in case you didn’t get the memo, Facebook isn’t losing relevance and it’s too big to ignore. The announcement shows an increase from the 1.94 billion total Facebook cited during its recent earnings report in May. Mark Zuckerberg shared the news directly on Facebook. “It’s an […]

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  • Social Media For Business – An FAQ

    Social media is an extremely powerful tool. The number of active social media users now stands at 2.789 billion. That’s an enormous pool of potential engagement that you can pull from for your brand. But how do you tap into that? How do you find your target audience and keep them interested in your brand? […]

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  • How to Tag Products on Facebook

    Facebook is making it easier and easier for brands to sell products. Thanks to the Shop tab, you can customise your page with your products and services, alert people to sales and much more. Once your products are on your page, you can tag them in your posts to help drive sales. This guide will […]

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  • Emojis in Search Results & Marketing

    Updated 23-03-17 Have you noticed anything different about Google search results? Emojis have suddenly returned to desktop search result snippets. After a long absence, they’re back! This is good because almost everyone online – 92% of users – use emojis, and brands are using them too. According to a study, emoji-based marketing campaigns have increased […]

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  • Christmas Marketing Naughty And Nice List

    Have you been good this year? Christmas is the time for mince pies, too much turkey and reflecting on the year as you tipple a little ‘Christmas spirit’. Are you worthy of being on the Nice List this year? If you’re unsure, fear not! We’ve created a list of digital marketing do’s and don’ts that […]

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  • The 5 Hard And Fast Rules Of Social Media

    The social media landscape is always changing. It is constantly disrupted by new players, new memes and the ever evolving whims of users. That means there are very few hard and fast rules to cling to. However, if we have learned anything from the social media gaffs of 2016, it is that there are at […]

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  • Facebook Is Cracking Down On Clickbaiters…

    … and you won’t believe reason #7! Just kidding. But yes, Facebook is going after not just the clickbait articles, but the publishers themselves. This could doom all their content to the nether reaches of the News Feed Abyss. Clickbait articles fill a unique space in internet marketing. On the one hand, we’re all jaded […]

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  • LinkedIn Hacked, is Your Account Secure?

    LinkedIn is scrambling after a hacker has announced the sale of 117 million LinkedIn users login details on the dark net. The data was allegedly stolen in a 2012 attack and is now being auctioned off for around £1,500.

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  • This One Simple Tip Will Immediately Increase Your Facebook Page’s Engagement

    As members of the digital marketing community you must all be aware of the recent tightening of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. You should also know what that means for the reach and engagement of organic posts from business pages. In summary, it’s bad, real bad. If you want to refresh your memory check out this blog […]

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