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30th August 2014
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Sales V3 and Social Media

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Following on from our initial Sales V3 and What It Means For Digital Marketing piece we wanted to take a deeper look into the role social media plays in the new sales process. If you read our previous post you will already know that having a strong online presence will lead to more sales (and if you didn’t we suggest you do before tackling this one!) So let’s take a look at the big social networks, what they can do and how you can utilise them to your advantage.

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The Best Social Networks for a Sales V3 Strategy

In 2014 the most important and widely used social networks worldwide are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and in a way, YouTube. Here’s a summary of each:

Facebook: The world’s largest social network is better utilised by B2C companies. Here businesses can set up brand pages where they share posts with the aim of growing an engaged and interested audience. Facebook is also a great place for sales people to try and engage users with special offers and links to the company website.

Google+: Despite only having been around for a few years Google+ has established itself as the second largest social network in the world. This is mainly due to the fact it is used by individuals to sign up for a multitude of different Google services. Google+ has an expansive selection of tools available to help you connect with your potential customers. Both B2B and B2C companies will find use in it.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the largest professional social network on the planet. B2B companies will get the most from this social network but that doesn’t mean B2C companies shouldn’t use it too! Salespeople can use LinkedIn to create a personal brand, communicate with other business people that are interested in their service or product and also contact business people who are yet to hear about what they have to offer (this can be done by posting in relevant communities and groups). LinkedIn also boasts an incredibly detailed search functionality that salespeople can use to their advantage. Companies can also create brand pages where they can share updates and add value and insight to their industry.

Twitter: Twitter is ideal for sharing succinct information to a wide ranging audience. Both B2C and B2B companies will find an audience on this social network. The 140 character limit encourages short, high quality messages that can point potential clients in the direction of products or excellent on-site content. Twitter can also be monitored to find where people have a need for your product, allowing you to approach them directly in a casual environment.

YouTube: The largest video sharing site on the web is a fantastic place for any type of business to gain exposure for their products and/or services to relevant and interested audiences. High quality, well optimised videos also have the ability to rank well in Google giving your content better exposure.

Not all of these social networks will work with your product or service. Have a look around each and see if you can fit in with the tone and attitude of its users.

Getting Set Up On Social Media

Rather than building our own in depth guides to getting yourselves set up on the above social media channels we thought we would point you in the direction of fantastic ones that already exist!

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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

How To Set Up A Google+ Business Page

How To Set Up A Personal LinkedIn Profile

How To Set Up A LinkedIn Company Page

How To Set Up A Personal and/or Business Twitter Account

How To Set Up A Business YouTube Account

Of course, setting up these accounts can be a time consuming and intricate process when done correctly. This can result in you or a member of your team being pulled away from business critical work. We offer a complete social media setup package taking care of everything from initial consultation, design and set up through to the running of your company’s entire social media presence at competitive rates.

Getting The Most Sales V3 Value From Your Chosen Social Media Accounts

Here are some general tips that can be applied across all networks.

1. Think about design. You wouldn’t set up your company website and then stick on a half-hearted banner image and logo would you? Then don’t do it on your social media accounts. If you don’t have the skills to do it in-house hire an agency (like us!) to create complete designs for you instead. First impressions matter; don’t let your accounts scare off potential clients as soon as they arrive.

2. Consider your tone. Different networks require different ways of communicating with clients. For example, a dry, highly professional tone could do you wonders on LinkedIn but would leave you out in the cold on Facebook. At the same time sharing pictures with a funny, conversational tone on Facebook could be a great idea whereas doing the same on LinkedIn may do more harm than good to your brand. We can help you build customer personas and then a tone and content that resonates with them.

3. Don’t over or under post, especially not at the wrong time. Posting frequency is something that has been studied to death. Again, it is network specific, there is no one size fits all posting schedule. Where a single post a day at a specific time on Facebook could give you great engagement the same technique could leave your Twitter account looking like a ghost town. Our team can analyse your accounts and build posting schedules for each one that will result in optimised engagement rates.

4. Post, Measure, Improve. All of the above social networks come with their own analytics dashboards built into their platforms. These allow you to measure things like engagement, views, visitors, demographics and much more. You can use this information to track what posts have been successful, what posts haven’t and how to adjust your campaigns accordingly. With plentiful experience in running cross platform social media campaigns we can take this information and turn it into something tangible in the form of better results.

In all honesty this article only touches the tip of the iceberg that is social media’s integration into sales V3. Unfortunately for you guys, it’s impossible for us to impart all our wisdom in one blog post. If your appetite for the world of social has been whetted why not pick up the phone to one of our skilled digital marketing team on 01252 622722? We’re always happy to have a chat about your requirements and are even happier to give you the results you’re looking for. Alternatively drop us an email to [email protected]. We look forward to speaking with you.

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