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  • How Social Media Platforms Evolved During COVID-19

    During 2020, we analysed how the social media platforms evolved during COVID-19 and what they have been doing to adapt to pandemic circumstances.

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  • Social Media Updates June 2020

    What happened on social media in June 2020? This month there have been a lot of new updates across the social channels. Facebook launched WhatsApp Pay in Brazil, Instagram made changes to its platform after the eruption of #BlackoutTuesday, which dominated social media on June the 2nd, and TikTok finally launched their business platform specifically […]

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  • Social Media Updates May 2020

    What happened on social media in May 2020?  We’re into our third month of the Coronavirus pandemic, and more than ever, we’re seeing the main social channels adapt to the new way of life that we, as individuals, have had to as well. With channels launching messenger chatrooms and adapting the way we use them in line with current circumstances, we investigate how social media has changed this month.   Facebook Updates May 2020   With […]

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  • Social Media Updates April 2020

    What happened on social media in April 2020? Another month into lockdown, and the world of Social Media is evolving more than ever. This month, we see all the social channels adapting to the current circumstances with ways to encourage people to #StayHomeSaveLives. Facebook Messenger has a new WHO ‘Health Alert’ Bot to Provide COVID-19 […]

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  • Social Media Tips For Businesses During Covid-19

    Why is social media so important during Covid-19? Right now, the only way we are contacting our friends and family that live outside our household is through the forms of social media and our phones. So, it goes without saying that the Covid-19 outbreak is making us use the social media platforms we’re already addicted […]

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  • Social Media Updates March 2020

    What happened on social media in March 2020?  It’s been an incredibly strange time for the world, but that doesn’t stop social media from constantly evolving. This month, WhatsApp finally launched dark mode after a long time in the making, Instagram made a series of changes to keep their community safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, […]

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  • Marketing During Coronavirus: Adapting To The New Normal

    In this blog we help highlight some of the key factors that marketers and business owners should be considering right now. We don’t have all the answers, but we can provide you with some guidance on how to approach your marketing in the coming days and weeks. Above All Else: Follow Government Advice As of […]

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  • Marketing Outreach Strategies: Make the Most of Outreach & Digital PR

    While you may have long had an outreach marketing plan in place for your company, and you’re obtaining solid links from reputable websites and publications, have you thought about what to do to make the most of these opportunities afterwards? The potential for your authoritative content to reach even further is a consideration that often […]

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  • 36 Social Stats for Your 2020 Strategy

    As we delve into 2020, marketing strategists from all over will need to consider the current trends and upcoming projections when deciding how to invest time and money. To help aid marketers who are tackling this task, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the statistics you need to know in order to understand […]

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