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Google Adds IF Function to AdWords PPC

Google has introduced new IF functions to AdWords that enable customised text to appear based on specific parameters. This new feature allows PPC marketers to better personalise adverts to their audience and streamline their PPC campaigns.

IF functions allow you to insert a specific message in your text ad when a condition is met, and a default text when it does not. They allow you to customise ads using a variety of parameters to target customers in more granular ways than ever. For example:

  • If a customer is using a mobile device, the ad text can be presented attractively for mobile and promote mobile-friendly benefits.
  • If a customer has abandoned a purchase at the checkout, the ad text can promote an attractive 15% discount to bag a conversion.
  • If it’s a new customer, the ad text shows promotions for first time buyers.

Customised, Granular AdWords Targeting with IF Functions

In the example below, the parameter is set to “{=IF(device=mobile,”. So, if a mobile user is looking at the ad, they see different text than had they seen the same ad on desktop. If the IF parameter isn’t met, the default text is shown.

New IF function for AdWords

The new IF functions can be added to any field of an expanded text ad besides the URL, so they have the potential to shake up the PPC landscape.

At MRS, we’re excited to use these new IF functions to refine mobile ads and create more effective remarketing, luring back checkout abandoners to increase conversions for our clients. IF functions are going to make a huge difference to PPC moving forward. The level of granular targeting you can achieve includes parameters like device, time of day, audience, gender, age and more. You can be sure that early adopters of ads using IF functions will have a huge advantage over the competition.

Proactive PPC managers with keen attention to detail will be able to take advantage of this new function and find a huge increase in conversion rates.

If you’re looking for PPC AdWords management for your next campaign, or need a PPC audit, get in touch.

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