Strategic campaigning

Gets Socom Tactical’s eCommerce guns blazing

The Mission

Socom Tactical came to us with a high priority mission: Increase sales and visitorship both at their physical airsoft shop and their online store.

We tackled this task with the military precision it deserved, creating an expansive SEO strategy that covered everything from conversion optimisation to online PR and aftersales processes.

"We have been using MRS for about 18 months now. The work has always been on point, with consistent traffic increases and recent improvements in conversion rate, and they keep in constant contact."

- Socom Tactical

SitRep One Year On

Sales and Visibility Shooting Up

Thanks to our gun’s blazing approach to their SEO, Socom’s already substantial search presence has grown considerably in the past year. Not only have we helped them gain a greater share of search traffic from the competition, but we’ve expanded their visibility into whole new (and profitable) areas. The result? More web traffic, more shop visitors and more sales.

Most recently, with higher volumes of traffic coming to the Socom website, we turned our attention to the website’s user experience. Despite design limitations, a strategic conversion optimisation process has started to deliver big results. The most important of these being a 22% year on year increase in revenue, which is a result of improving both conversion rate and average order value.

It hasn’t all been copasetic though. This project has required massive changes to site structure and the website’s technical performance. Thankfully, Socom trusted us to the lead the charge on this front and has been enjoying the results since.


YoY increase in website revenue


YoY increase in traffic delivered via organic search


YoY increase in UK ranking keywords

Classified: Mission Strategy Details

How did we achieve these first-class results for Socom Tactical? Below we reveal a few of the mission resources that formed the foundation of our strategy:

On-site SEO

An expansive keyword mapping exercise was top on our priority list. This required huge changes to website architecture, but meant that everything on the site was structured based on user behaviour metrics and targeted precisely to real searches. We also reworked writing across the whole website, ensuring that everything was unique and engaging to passionate hobbyists.

Content Marketing

Airsofters are a brilliant audience; they’re unique, enthusiastic and highly active online. Our content team worked closely with the client to unlock priceless expertise while simultaneously immersing themselves in the airsofters’ universe. The results have spoken for themselves. By creating content that Socom’s audience truly value, we have increased brand awareness and grown a whole new strand of early marketing funnel visitors on the client website.


Customer insight and data-led decision making has been absolutely critical to the success of Socom’s campaign, both from a search targeting perspective and improving commerce conversion rate on-site. Whether we were prioritising campaign elements based on user behaviour, or using drop-off points to improve site experience, analytics has been a core driver of our work for the brand.

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