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  • Are Close Variant Keywords Wasting Your Budget?

    A Brief History of Ads & Exact Match Keywords Many years ago, ‘exact match’ keyword targetting was exactly that – exact match targetting. A user’s query had to match your specified keyword exactly as you had written it. As time went on, Google and Microsoft Advertising (Bing) introduced ‘close variants’. On Google specifically, their inception […]

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  • Social Media Updates Feb 2020

    It’s been a busy month for social media, with WhatsApp reaching 2 billion monthly viewers, LinkedIn launching its new ‘featured’ section and Facebook rolling out a bunch of new updates – it’s time to check out what’s been going on in the social scene in February…

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  • An Introduction to the Future of Micro-Influencers: How They’ll Help Your Business

    Influencer Marketing:  How has it changed? Ten years in the making, influencer marketing has come a long way. Looking back to the days before the Instagram Advertising Law was announced, people trusted almost anything that influential people said on social media. Fast forward a few years, and not a day goes by that you don’t […]

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  • MRS Digital’s Yearly Roundup – 2019 Edition

    As we come towards the end of another year, it’s important to look back on what we’ve achieved. We’ve had a lot to celebrate, so read on to discover.

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  • MRS Secures Two Prestigious Awards

    We are so proud to be able to announce that our Managing Director Carol and MRS Digital have together been honoured with two awards and a runner-up, at the highly-esteemed 2019 National Business Women’s Awards. This awarding body has long been celebrating the finest companies across the UK, recognising only the very best in business.  […]

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  • MRS Digital Shortlisted for 6 Awards

    All of us here at MRS Digital are so excited and so proud to have been shortlisted for no less than six awards in 2019. As we are also celebrating our 20th birthday this year, the nominations come at an especially significant time for us. Each and every member of our MRS family work hard […]

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  • Are Title Tags Still Important for SEO in 2019?

    Title tags are still an important SEO factor in 2019. They are a key element of helping Google understand what your page is about, so it can serve your page to the right person. The weight and relevancy of your content will work to build your page’s ranking. But having keyword targeted title tags will help push […]

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  • What is Microcopy? How Small Words Make BIG Money

    Microcopy is a little-appreciated aspect of web copy. But, it can make the difference between a conversion and a lead getting lost. Microcopy increases click-through rate. It boosts engagement and provides a better user experience. In short: small words matter. Why? Because people read less than 20% of a website’s content. We want a short […]

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  • No Likes on Instagram? No Problem!

    Instagram is hiding your likes. But it’s not the end of the world. The last ten years of social media have been measured and judged by likes. Smashing the like button as we scroll through our feeds is a reflex. We use likes to measure engagement and as a benchmark for social media strategies. Liking […]

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