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  • Businesses May Soon Live And Die By Their Reviews

    Most people are familiar with online reviews. There are independent review sites like Yelp, Opentable and Tripadvisor. There are also social reviews on Facebook and Google even provides its own review service. Despite all these services, many businesses have little to no idea of their online reputation. Customers are talking about them online but this […]

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  • 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

    The New Year is here and SEO is changing just as fast as ever. To help you keep up MRS Web Solutions have come up with some SEO predictions for 2016. These are designed to help you keep up with the changing digital marketing landscape and avoid those nasty Google penalties.

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  • Google Site ‘Tab to Search’ Function for E-Commerce websites

    What if there was a way to make life easier for your online customers? In their pursuit to make searching even easier, Google created a ‘tab to search’ function. This makes it possible for users to search your website’s product range right from their Google chrome browser. This feature could become extremely useful for e-commerce […]

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  • Our BPMA Google Webmaster Guidelines Help Sheet

    The world of SEO can be a confusing and daunting place, especially for the uninitiated. Wherever you look there’s advice from self styled ‘experts’ that can quite often be conflicting. However, there’s one information source that you can trust above all else when it comes to optimising your website for search. That source is Google. […]

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  • Our List of Ultimate Google Search Hacks for Successful Professionals

    As a digital agency of 15 years, we have developed an in depth understanding of Google. So, in the interest of helping you get the most out of it, we’ve decided to share a list of our ultimate Google search hacks. Each of the hacks in our list can help you become more proficient on Google. […]

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  • This One Simple Tip Will Immediately Increase Your Facebook Page’s Engagement

    As members of the digital marketing community you must all be aware of the recent tightening of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. You should also know what that means for the reach and engagement of organic posts from business pages. In summary, it’s bad, real bad. If you want to refresh your memory check out this blog […]

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  • Warning: Google Will Penalise Non-Mobile Friendly Websites this April

    As of April 21, Google will begin the roll-out of an algorithm update that will penalise websites that are not mobile-friendly. Are you ready for it? The update will affect all searches conducted on mobile devices; smartphones, tablets and other internet enabled handheld or wearable technology. If your website is not responsive to different screen […]

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  • The Top 5 Updates To Social Media in 2015 (So Far)

    2015 has been a bumper year already for updates to some of the biggest players in the social media game. This means that, although we’re only a few months into the New Year, we felt it would be a good idea to make you aware of the best of the bunch of new social media […]

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  • Connect with your Audience – Drop the Technical Jargon

    When marketing your business, we believe that placing your customer first is a must. But when communicating your marketing message do you prioritise your clients or do you alienate them? (more…)

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