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  • Penguin 3.0: Are You Affected?

    Once again the internet is alive with chatter about yet another Google algorithm update. Almost exactly a month after Google updated their Panda algorithm with instalment 4.1 Penguin 3.0 has been unleashed! (more…)

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  • Digital Marketing: What’s Going to Happen Next?

    Recent research was published by HubSpot that shows an insight into the state of inbound marketing in 2014, but we’re interested in what’s going to happen in the future. What is the future of digital marketing? Well, this research supports what we’ve been saying for quite a while now. (more…)

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  • How Social Media Changes Lives

    Today, almost everyone is on social media. Consumers, businesses, even country leaders are using social media to stay connected.  Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have most of us engaged, with easy access on a range of devices 24 hours a day. Twitter now has over 15 million Britons active on it and Facebook […]

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  • Panda 4.1… A Cause for Concern

    After 4 months of silence, Google have finally announced an update for Google Panda. The algorithm that evaluates a website’s content. Updates to any of Google’s major search algorithms (Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird) often leads to many businesses and search engine optimisation agencies worrying. There’s a reason for this. This update, named Panda 4.1 by […]

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  • 9 Cool and Useful Things you can do with Siri

    There are millions of iPhone owners world-wide. In July 2013, there was an estimated 12.2 million active iPhones in the UK alone. But are we getting the most out of them? At MRS, we decided to find out some of the cool and useful things the operating system’s Siri feature can do for you. Here […]

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  • Sales V3 and SEO

    The third and final instalment in our sales V3 trilogy looks at the role search engine optimisation (SEO) has to play in the new sales process. Our previous articles looked at sales V3 as a whole and also the importance that a thorough and perfectly planned social media strategy plays. Below you will learn what SEO […]

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  • Apple Pay – Apple’s Following the Money

    In an article about Facebook’s Buy Button, I mentioned Apple’s alleged intent to get more involved in payment processes. Well, now they’ve made an official announcement. Apple Pay! “Your wallet. Without the wallet.” (more…)

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  • How to Guide: Integrate your Social Media Marketing

    It’s important to tailor your social media marketing campaign to the specific social platform used in order to achieve the highest ROI possible. But this is not always an option, especially for local SMEs. Regardless, some brand exposure is undoubtedly better than none, which is why integrating your Facebook and Twitter accounts could benefit you. […]

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  • Sales V3 and Social Media

    Following on from our initial Sales V3 and What It Means For Digital Marketing piece we wanted to take a deeper look into the role social media plays in the new sales process. If you read our previous post you will already know that having a strong online presence will lead to more sales (and […]

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