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15th September 2014
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Sales V3 and SEO

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The third and final instalment in our sales V3 trilogy looks at the role search engine optimisation (SEO) has to play in the new sales process. Our previous articles looked at sales V3 as a whole and also the importance that a thorough and perfectly planned social media strategy plays. Below you will learn what SEO is, how and why it is integral to any sales V3 processes and we’ll even give you a few tips on how to ensure your company’s website is properly optimised! We’re almost too kind.

Google and a Magnifying Glass for SEO and Sales V3

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is an umbrella term that covers anything that helps make your site more visible in search engine results pages (or SERPs as we in the industry call them). As Google is the largest search engine in the world by far it is normally the main focus of most Search Engine Optimisers (SEO for short, again) attention.

In the not too distant past SEO could have been successfully carried out by buying a large number of links and pointing them to a site. This would then lead to the site shooting up in Google’s rankings, giving businesses (and as a result SEOs) quick exposure, allowing them to make a lot of money. So everyone was happy right? Wrong.

Google didn’t like the fact people were gaming their system and soon put paid to this, and other, ‘black hat’ techniques by penalising sites that used them. They did this by rolling out algorithmic updates named after the black and white animals Penguins and Pandas. This was as a little nod to the polarised types of SEO, black and white hat.

As the dust cleared businesses that were once making big money from Google had their revenue streams cut, literally over night. This ultimately led to SEOs and the industry being given a bad rap.

We suppose then, that the more pertinent question is ‘what is SEO in 2014?’ Some aspects haven’t changed since day one. You still need a well designed, technically sound and appealing website. You also still need to utilise keywords to ensure your website is found for the terms you want it to be. But a lot has changed. You can no longer use black hat techniques without the fear that Google will obliterate your site traffic. You must now focus on white hat, non-deceptive techniques to build sustained, relevant and converting traffic to your site.

If you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed and lost after reading this explanation we don’t blame you. SEO is an ever evolving animal that should only really be tackled by knowledgeable professionals. It just so happens we have a whole team of them chomping at the bit to start leveraging your site some real traffic!

The Importance of SEO in Sales V3

seo points from our site for sales V3 and SEO blog post

As covered in our first sales V3 blog post the world of digital is integral to any sales V3 process. A huge part of the digital marketplace and industry is taken up by websites and search engines and, as a result, making sure your website ranks in SERPs is central to sales V3 success.

Without SEO it’s extremely unlikely that your site will appear for relevant, high conversion keywords that can make your business real money. This also means your clients are far more unlikely to find you at that special point in their personal buying cycle, when they first set out to find a product to solve their issue.

SEO also works within a larger digital marketing strategy to increase your overall web real estate. This makes you easier to find away from search engines too.

SEO Tips For Your Site

We can’t give you tips to cover the entirety of SEO in one blog post, if we or other people could, we would be out of business. However, what we can give you is four actionable points that will immediately improve your sites SEO.

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords. Keywords always have been, and still are, integral to any successful SEO campaign. Discovering and selecting relevant keywords, that can lead to conversions but also aren’t too competitive, is an art form in itself. Finding long tail, low hanging fruit keywords is just as difficult. By placing these discovered keywords in the headers and copy of your web page you are sending signals to Google indicating what your page is about. Our team has years of experience in crafting and implementing bespoke keyword strategies across multitudes of sectors and industries. Your site could be next.

2. Content is king. This phrase has been plastered across the web an almost unfathomable amount of times recently. There’s a reason for this though, it’s true. You can drive all the traffic you want to a site but without compelling, interesting or original content to capture the traffic once it’s there you may as well be chucking your hard earned money down the drain. However, having original content ideas, or crafting well written copy isn’t for everyone. Our team’s innate abilities and combined knowledge means we can create attractive and original content for any niche. This ultimately means more and better traffic for your site.

matt cutts meme for sales v3 and SEO page

3. Don’t forget about the offsite. Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam, has explained how building great content will lead to more traffic so many times he’s been immortalised in memes. Unfortunately, in practice it’s just not that simple. Building great content is the first step, getting people to see it is the next. Offsite SEO is the area that has undergone the most changes in recent times and continues to do so today. Here at MRS we specialise in keeping ahead of the curve with white hat, offsite SEO techniques. Our methods get real results without exposing your site to any risk.

4. If it’s broke, fix it. Having a technically sound site is one of the eternal aspects of SEO. Just like with a lack of content, you can throw traffic at a site but if it doesn’t work there’s little to no point. Take a look at any 404, 503, 204 or any other error codes that are being returned in Webmaster Tools. Also, try travelling through the site yourself, you may notice broken images, broken links or misspellings as you go. These all need to be addressed to give your site the best chance of ranking. Unfortunately a lot of the time these errors aren’t an easy fix. However, it goes without saying that our design and development team have a huge amount of experience in finding, diagnosing and repairing site errors.

It’s clear then that anyone or any business that is seriously considering pursuing sales V3 cannot do so without a thorough and effective SEO strategy. Our digital marketing team is well versed in creating specialist SEO campaigns across an abundance of industries that deliver real results. With a focus on ROI and conversion rate optimisation we don’t just point traffic to your site but also ensure it makes your business more money. Sound good? Give us a call on 01252 622722 or drop us an email to [email protected] to find out what we can do for you.

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