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Pay Per Click advertising is a guaranteed way to increase your traffic quickly. From the word go, we implement a data-driven and results-focused paid media strategy to promote your business across multiple search engines, social media platforms, and millions of websites. This results in an almost instant increase in relevant visitors to your site.

Our Google Ads management experts use advanced methodologies to reduce your risk and squeeze the most out of every penny you invest. We make sure your advertising works harder for longer.

Our PPC audits reveal that 80% of businesses are overspending, so if you don’t think your PPC is working hard enough, let us provide you with a FREE audit today.

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PPC Services Tailored To You

PPC is so much more than just ads at the top of Google search. We’ll work with you to create the perfect mix of paid media to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Defining Your Audience

Audience targeting has a huge impact on the way we approach your campaign. We keep the right ads pointed at the right people, tailored to where they are in your sales funnel. By carefully identifying and segmenting your audience, we ensure that your budget isn't wasted.

Create Compelling Ads

The perfect ad is a combination of the right content hitting the right person at the right time. A great ad hooks the reader in with relevant, impactful copy and an engaging message. We have the in-house talent to create ads that truly speak to your audience.

Maximising Your Return

Ad campaigns that evolve and improve provide better returns on investment. That's why we pride ourselves on our data-led approach. The more we learn about your business and the way your audience behaves, the more effective your campaign becomes.

"MRS implemented a rebuild and accelerate programme on our paid search. Within two months we saw a 27.4% improvement in the efficiency of our spend."
Sales & Marketing Manager - Latin Routes
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Our PPC Specialisms

PPC is so much more than just ads at the top of Google search. We’ll work with you to create the perfect mix of paid media to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Increase in conversions year on year, leading to hundreds more enquiries

"By year end they had delivered an 800% ROI on our advertising budget."
Latin Routes

Increased saving on cost per conversion, allowing for more effective investment

"Thank you to everyone at MRS Digital, you always go the extra mile!"
Hi-Level Mezzanines

80% Of Companies We Audit Are Overspending

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Why Choose MRS As Your PPC Agency?

No matter the size of your investment, you need to know that your money is being used as effectively as possible. We treat our clients’ Google Ads budgets as though they were our own. Working closely with you, we make sure your unique objectives are achieved.


Commercial acumen is at the heart of all we do. Your PPC strategy will be designed to work hard for your business to provide the best return on investment.

Proven Success

We have run PPC campaigns for businesses across a range of sectors. And we have delivered return on investment time and time again.

Nothing Beats A Human Touch

We don't rely on automation. We use technology to be efficient, while all strategy and bid management is done by our expert team.

Meet Your Experts

Since 1999, our PPC experts have been refining their skills. Find out more about the people you'll be working with.

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Where Data Science & Creativity Comes Together

You’ll often hear PPC management called a science. Well, that’s because it is. Our PPC team need to be statisticians, data modellers and financial analysts rolled into one. However, a scientific approach to ads management and optimisation isn’t enough. Ultimately, it’s your ads themselves that win over customers.

That’s where our creative types come in. By utilising the talents of our in-house content writers, we inject the creative flair needed to make your ads stand out from the competition. This blend of disciplines means that you get the best of both worlds; a data-first approach to profitable PPC with ads that are irresistibly clickable.

Working with MRS Digital

Before all else, we audit your PPC activity both past and present. Subjecting your account to rigorous analysis, our team discover what has given you the best results and cost per acquisition to date.

Informed by our audit, we then develop a PPC strategy that will blow previous results out of the water. Above all else we make sure that you’re getting the right conversions, optimising for quality, high-value leads and sales.

Once your account is performing profitably, we focus our time on improving CPA, maintaining your competitive position and scaling your activity to grow success further.

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Platforms We Use

Google Ads

Used by over 1 million businesses, be found in more searches with the internet's leading ad platform.

Google Shopping

For eCommerce sites, Google Shopping provides premium search real estate.

Bing Ads

Servicing millions of Edge users every day, Bing Ads helps businesses get seen in search.

Google Display Network

The largest contextual ad network. Covering millions of sites, display ads in multiple formats to a range of audiences.

Facebook Business

A specialist platform for paid social advertising on Facebook, one of the world's largest social media platforms.


For advertising on videos or promoting video content, YouTube has a range of tools for businesses.


A platform for managing largescale advertising campaigns.


Specialised landing page creator that provides advanced options to refine conversion and performance.

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