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  • How to Write a Blog Post: Step by Step for Beginners

    Writing a successful blog post requires a big investment. The author must spend plenty of time properly researching their topic, as well as appreciate what they’re dealing with in terms of competing content. Before worrying about this, however, first-time bloggers need to gain a good understanding of what it takes to write content that reads […]

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  • How to Increase Dwell Time on Your Website Now!

    Dwell time… you’ve likely heard the term floating around once or twice, but what actually is it? And most importantly, how concerned do you need to be about it?   What is Dwell Time?  The definition for dwell time can often be confused with other metrics, such as average session duration, average time on page and bounce rate. […]

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  • Social Media Updates July 2020

    What happened on social media in July 2020?  This month has been another busy one for the social platforms, particularly for Twitter. With its enormous security breach going down in history, the platform has been in the limelight heavily this month, and not for positive reasons. Read on for a closer look into social media updates for July 2020.  Facebook Updates July 2020  Facebook Rolls Out Face […]

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  • How to Prepare for the Google Page Experience Update in 2021 [+ Checklist]

    What is the Google Page Experience update & when is it happening?  On the 28th May 2020, Google announced they will be releasing a new ranking algorithm coined the Google Page Experience update. And, from our perspective, it’s one you definitely want to pay attention to.  Google later announced that the Google Page Experience update will be put into place in May 2021. Shape up […]

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  • How Social Media Platforms Evolved During COVID-19

    During 2020, we analysed how the social media platforms evolved during COVID-19 and what they have been doing to adapt to pandemic circumstances.

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  • Social Media Updates June 2020

    What happened on social media in June 2020? This month there have been a lot of new updates across the social channels. Facebook launched WhatsApp Pay in Brazil, Instagram made changes to its platform after the eruption of #BlackoutTuesday, which dominated social media on June the 2nd, and TikTok finally launched their business platform specifically […]

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  • Citations vs Backlinks: What’s the difference?

    Citations and backlinks can both benefit your SEO in similar ways but it’s important to be able to differentiate them. Citations are slightly harder to comprehend than backlinks, as you can receive citations in different forms. Check our guide below on how to differentiate the two, and build them into your SEO strategy.    What’s The Difference Between a Citation and […]

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  • Social Media Updates May 2020

    What happened on social media in May 2020?  We’re into our third month of the Coronavirus pandemic, and more than ever, we’re seeing the main social channels adapt to the new way of life that we, as individuals, have had to as well. With channels launching messenger chatrooms and adapting the way we use them in line with current circumstances, we investigate how social media has changed this month.   Facebook Updates May 2020   With […]

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  • Social Media Updates April 2020

    What happened on social media in April 2020? Another month into lockdown, and the world of Social Media is evolving more than ever. This month, we see all the social channels adapting to the current circumstances with ways to encourage people to #StayHomeSaveLives. Facebook Messenger has a new WHO ‘Health Alert’ Bot to Provide COVID-19 […]

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