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  • Social Media Round-Up November 2020

    What Happened on Social Media in November 2020?  As we approach another month closer to the end of the year, we look back on the journey so far. With a COVID-19 vaccine forecasted, the major tech platforms have agreed to partner on a new program, in conjunction with fact-checking organizations, in order to formulate a new, improved approach to combatting the spread of misinformation and conspiracies about the vaccine.   As […]

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  • MRS Secures 10 Shortlists and Wins Four Prestigious Awards

    UK Biddable Media Awards – Local Campaign Of The Year Winner We’re UK Biddable Award Winners from MRS Digital. The UK Biddable Media Awards recognise, celebrate, and reward the contribution that paid advertising makes to shaping the future of advertising sales, media planning and to the overall success and profits of businesses.   We’re over the moon to announce our ‘23 Local […]

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  • Search Engines: Where Are They Now?

    For many generations, culture before the Internet was kitschy and beige. This moment was relished for its television jingles, Tetris, disembodied radio babble, and those Nokia ringtones we inherited. The laundry list goes on like a familiar song to forgotten lyrics: there’s the cheer of a Sega Mega Drive powering on; the mechanical suction of a VCR gulping up a taped copy of Terminator 2; a pocketful of Gameboy that help us escape during the holidays.   Yet, from the universe of sounds that connect […]

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  • Bing Search Statistics 2020

    Search is a numbers game. So, how does Bing stack up? 40: that’s the number of languages that Microsoft’s Bing translates into, according to a survey on the search engine’s most fascinating statistics. In a world with widening horizons, Bing holds the second largest market share with its shy 4.4% in the UK, and a […]

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  • Social Media Updates October 2020

    In the dramatic year that has been 2020, our digital platforms have evolved in ways that they have never had to before. As this year comes to an end, we begin to wonder what the top social media trends will be for 2021? With consumers more aware than ever about global issues, audiences are becoming increasingly socially conscious and valuing how brands tackle these […]

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  • Breaking News: Google Shopping will be Free in the UK and Beyond

    In April 2020, as a response to a panicking retail market, Google announced that Google Shopping would open free listings for U.S. merchants. From their President of Commerce, Bill Ready’s update “It’s now free to sell on Google” captured the new move from the search giant after stores shuttered nationwide.   After this large shift by Google to restructure […]

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  • Social Media Updates September 2020

    What happened on social media in September 2020?   Big changes have been made to some of our favourite social platforms this month, including Facebook expanding the rights to detect images that have been copyrighted across its channels, Instagram evolving its Reels function and LinkedIn’s new makeover. Read on for all the updates regarding the social channels this month.   Facebook Updates September 2020  In September, Facebook took the plunge to expand its Rights Manager tool, which will now automatically […]

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  • Google Search Terms Report Now Includes 34% Less Data

    On September 2nd, PPC marketers were met with an unforeseen memo in Google Ads: This tiny notice was all that was provided by Google to inform users of a major change in their reporting. PPC advertisers across the board had no prior knowledge of the change, meaning all of a sudden their insights into their […]

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  • Social Media Updates August 2020

    What happened on social media in August 2020?  This month, Twitter and Facebook have begun rolling out updates and changes to their platforms ahead of the upcoming US presidential election.  Alongside this, Chinese owned video-sharing app TikTok is also caught up in a legal storm against Trump, thanks to his attempt to ban the app in […]

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