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Brighton SEO April 2018 Roundup – Slides Included

The first Brighton SEO of 2018 is here! April’s event will bring delegates together to listen to the industry’s digital experts, with topics including content marketing, paid search, ecommerce, email marketing, analytics, ranking factors and much more. Here’s our roundup of the event as it happens, slides included.

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STRATEGY – How To Expand to Different Markets – Sabine Langmann

TECH SEO – Command Line Hacks For SEO – Tom Pool

TECH SEO – Hreflang Tags – Emily Mace

TECH SEO – Diving into HTTP/2 – a Guide for SEOs – Tom Anthony

REPORTING – Top Google Analytics Customisations – Anna Lewis

Effective Link Building For E-commerce – Marie Turner

PAID SEARCH – What We Learned About Paid Social Advertising From Spending 1 Million on Facebook – Guy Levine

PPC – The Hidden Potential Of Brand PPC – Daniel Moore

IN-HOUSE – SEO in a Corporate Environment – Liraz Postan

SITE SPEED – Web Performance Madness – Bastian Grimm

ONSITE – Cut the Cr*p: Next Level Content Audits with Crawlers – Sam Marsden

ONSITE – The Ray Stantz Guide to Real World Link Building – Greg Gifford

ECOMMERCE – What a search engine can teach you about product sitemaps – Vlassios Rizopoulos

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  • Brighton SEO April 2018 Roundup – Slides Included

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