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Brighton SEO April 2017 Roundup – Slides Included

The twice-yearly Brighton SEO Conference has evolved into the go-to search engine event for all SEO experts across the UK, with talks from various leading industry experts. Its popularity has grown year on year, and the 2017 April event was no exception to its growing popularity.

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Brighton SEO Roundup September 2017

Brighton SEO Conference – 7th April 2017

Our Comments

Brighton SEO April 2017 once again saw huge numbers of search marketing experts from all across the UK, and beyond, make their way down to the pebbled coast. This year the conference centred around the future of search and the impact voice, AI and cameras could potentially have. It also hosted a multitude of expert speakers, with standouts including:

Rak Nijjer
Purna Virji
Greg Gifford
Ned Poulter
Rory Sutherland

Reiterating what was brought up in Brighton SEO 2016 (voice search was predicted to soon become the norm), it was apparent from the start of the conference that voice search was still very much expected to continue to grow. In fact, 50% of searches were said to be voice searches by the year 2020.

We were also intrigued by the prospect of growing camera search in the future. No keywords necessary. The example given in the conference was a house. Could it be possible that one day we could hold up our camera and see how much a particular home is worth? In summary, for the future of the retail industry – ‘the world is your showroom; everyone is your models’. – Purna Virji.

We can’t wait.

THE FUTURE OF SEARCH – Raj Nijjer – AI and Structured Data: How Voice Search Raises the Stakes for Businesses

MOBILE – Mobile First Indexing – What it means to you in Practice

BrightonSEO 2017 from Daniel Rowles

AI & MACHINE LEARNING – Artificial Intelligence Optimisation

Artificial Intelligence Optimisation – BrightonSEO April 2017 from Neill Horie

ECOMMERCE SUCCESS – Don’t be Awesome! Just be alright at everything!

Zak Edwards | Prezzybox | Brighton SEO slides | Don’t be awesome! Just be alright at everything! from Pi Datametrics

ECOMMERCE SUCCESS – Managing SEO in a Complex Business

Managing SEO in a Complex Business from Alina Ghost

ECOMMERCE – Shop it like it’s hot

Shop it like it’s hot – Ecommerce content that’s worth a damn – BrightonSEO April 2017 from Charlie Williams

SEARCH & DATA – Links & rankings: The story in the data

Links & rankings, the story in the data – BrightonSEO April 2017 from Tom Capper

SEARCH & DATA – Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor

Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor – Malcolm Slade speaking at Brighton SEO from Epiphany

CRAWL & INDEXATION – So You Think You Know Canonical Tags?

So you think you know canonical tags – Sean Butcher Brighton SEO presentation from Sean Butcher

CRAWL & INDEXATION – Utilising Search Console For Quick SEO Wins

Utilising Search Console For Quick SEO Wins – BrightonSEO April 2017 from Laura Hogan

FUNDAMENTALS – How to use XPath for eCommerce Websites

BrightonSEO – How to use XPath with eCommerce Websites de Janet Plumpton

SITE SPEED – 3x Hardcore Site Speed Optimization Techniques

Three site speed optimisation tips to make your website REALLY fast – BrightonSEO 2017 from Bastian Grimm

SEARCH QUALITY & TRUST – SEO Insights from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines for High Ranking Sites

LINK BUILDING – How to Build High-Quality Links Without Spending Money

BrightonSEO 2017 Presentation Slides – How to Incentives Bloggers Without Buying Links from Samantha Charles

ONSITE – Beyond the Basics of Website Migration: Tried, Tested & Successful

Omi sido-beyond-the-basics-of-website-migration.pptx from Omi Sido

SERPs – How to rank for quick answers in Google

How to rank for quick answers in Google – April 2017 – Adrian Phipps from Adrian Phipps

PAID SEARCH – PPC Automation

Brighton Seo PPC automation from Anu Adegbola


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  • Brighton SEO April 2017 Roundup – Slides Included

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