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  • The 7 Best Inclusive Marketing Campaign Examples

    Inclusive marketing campaigns embrace diversity by including people and groups from all backgrounds regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and other socio-economic factors. Discover more today.

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  • Good Content Gone Bard – Should You Use AI to Write Content?

    Beep boop, AI here. AI has its place in the world – but is that to write content? We look at the pros and cons. Read the blog today.

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  • How to Guest Blog in 2022

    Having the opportunity to write a guest article for a prestigious website is an exciting honour for any blogger or content writer. But, beyond the personal satisfaction of publishing in new spaces, earning guest articles is essential to a business’s digital marketing strategy. 10 Guest Blogging Tips Know your stuff Network, network, network! Send a […]

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  • How to Write a Blog Post: Step by Step for Beginners

    Writing a successful blog post requires a big investment. The author must spend plenty of time properly researching their topic, as well as appreciate what they’re dealing with in terms of competing content. Before worrying about this, however, first-time bloggers need to gain a good understanding of what it takes to write content that reads […]

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  • How to Increase Dwell Time on Your Website Now!

    Dwell time… you’ve likely heard the term floating around once or twice, but what actually is it? And most importantly, how concerned do you need to be about it?   What is Dwell Time?  The definition for dwell time can often be confused with other metrics, such as average session duration, average time on page and bounce rate. […]

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  • Citations vs Backlinks: What’s the difference?

    Citations and backlinks can both benefit your SEO in similar ways but it’s important to be able to differentiate them. Citations are slightly harder to comprehend than backlinks, as you can receive citations in different forms. Check our guide below on how to differentiate the two, and build them into your SEO strategy.    What’s The Difference Between a Citation and […]

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  • What is Microcopy? How Small Words Make BIG Money

    Microcopy is a little-appreciated aspect of web copy. But, it can make the difference between a conversion and a lead getting lost. Microcopy increases click-through rate. It boosts engagement and provides a better user experience. In short: small words matter. Why? Because people read less than 20% of a website’s content. We want a short […]

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  • Okay Google, How Do I Write for Voice Search in 2018?

    It’s 2018 and voice search is on the rise. In another couple of years, 50% of searches will use voice search. So, you need to make sure that your content is written in a way that best serves the needs of those searchers of tomorrow. How can you do that? TL;DR Be concise Be conversational […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Upcycling Your Content

    So. You’ve written some great content. It’s well targeted, cleverly written and people love it. But you screwed up. You missed an opportunity. Do you think if your audience was frozen for 70 years they’d want to come back if your content was still the same? No! The question is, how are you going to […]

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