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  • Google Search Updates – December ‘21 Changes

    Concluding 2021, December was another month of big headlines in search. Not only are new resolutions drawn up, but most are looking to Google to understand how its many changes and plans will impact their webpage rankings – and, predictably, there was plenty of change. From updates to local search results, to new metrics coming […]

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  • Google Search Updates – November ’21 Changes

    What’s been happening in search in November 2021? We provide a breakdown of the latest news and happenings in the PPC and SEO world. Discover more.

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  • Google Search Updates – September ‘21 Changes

    Another month has come and gone, and September has been another busy month for the search landscape. We’ve seen more updates finish rolling out, developments in the title tag debacle, as well as some updates to both paid and organic product offerings from Google.  Take a look at what’s been going on in search for the month of […]

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  • Search Updates – July ‘21 SEO News Round-Up

    August is here! And we’ve survived (yet another) month of algorithm updates.  Fortunately, we had a warning for July’s update – as a part two to June’s Core update. However, we weren’t privy to the Link Spam update that came out at the end of the month – surprise! If you’ve lost track of everything that’s gone […]

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  • Search Round Up June 2021

    What a month! June has been an algorithmic rollercoaster, and with so many other updates coming our way, this is a round-up you’ll want to pay attention to. A Pause on Cookiepocalypse – Google Delays Cookie-Blocking Plan by Two Years Cookiepocalypse – the controversial plan for Chrome to block third party cookies – may be […]

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  • Social Media Updates May 2021

    A new month means a fresh round-up of social media updates. As TikTok continues to evolve its platform, are Facebook and Instagram struggling to keep up? Check out this month’s social updates below.   Facebook Updates  Facebook Tests Warning Prompts to Users Sharing News They’ve Not Read  Facebook this month is testing a warning option to come up when users try to share an article they have not read. As you can see below, […]

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  • Search Updates May 2021

    In our monthly search update blog, we outline the main updates and changes within the search engine landscape for May, whether they’re minor or major. This month, Google has made some algorithm updates alongside an interesting LGBTQ themed update from Yelp ahead of Pride Month. Read on to find out more.   Google Adds Links To Featured Snippets Leading Back To Google Search Results  Google has begun adding links to […]

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  • What Are Zero-Click Searches and Why Should You Care?

    Zero-click searches are queries that users input within a search engine that don’t lead to a click on a web property. Discover why they occur and their impact.

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  • Search Updates April 2021

    In our monthly search update blog, we’ll outline the main updates and changes within search for that month, whether they’re minor or major. This month, we’ve seen some important updates, including the postpone of the Google Page Experience Update, the evolution of zero-click search, and more, read on to discover more on this month’s updates. […]

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